Thursday, June 10, 2010


by MM

You ever have one of those days when everybody at the school gathers in a massive crowd for a simple problem? At Claremont I learned that things like that could happen as frequently as every day or every month. But there are two fights that I will never forget.

So let me start off by telling you that at Claremont, it is always completely chaotic. You see students running down the hallway because they decided to cut class. There are students getting into fights over getting hit with a paper ball. There are people destroying classrooms over lotion. This school is over-the-top crazy. Can you guess what was going to happen next?

The day started out as any other Friday; it was a super long day full of nothing interesting. As I left class I saw everyone start running out to the tree courtyard closest to the school library. I walked out to see everyone in the school in one huge circle. I made my way through the crowd, and next thing I knew, I saw a teacher get slapped. The crowd went into an uproar as three girls got into a fight. One girl took another girl and smashed her head against a bench and immediately everyone went crazy. Then, out of nowhere, someone’s whole head of hair came off and I started to die laughing.

After the fight was broken up, the girl that had lost the fight was extremely angry. I guess it was because she lost a fight in front of the whole school, or maybe it was because her hair was torn off. Then, all of a sudden, Tyrone had picked up the hair cap and started to swing it around like a lasso. My stomach was churning after I was done laughing. Afterwards, Henry did the same thing. My cousin and I heard cop sirens approaching the school. We realized then that it was time to leave. My cousin and I both knew that the memory would last forever. It was a completely unforgettable experience.

After the hype of the huge fight between the eighth graders had settled, it seemed like everything was at peace. Two months later, we got to Ms. Ferrell’s fifth period class. Everything was as usual. A majority of the class was either talking or roasting. Then, out of nowhere, a paper ball flew through the air and hit this girl named Damonea. Damonea was one of those girls that could get set off at any time. So when she got hit, she automatically assumed that it was this girl named Angel. Who, I might add, was sitting right next to me. Damonea got infuriated, and next thing you knew, she and Angel were fighting. The desk tilted and landed on my leg, but I was unharmed. (Thank God!) The fight got wild as it moved from the desk to the front of the room. Everyone was going crazy. Honestly, I was thinking, “Where’s the popcorn?” Then Ms. Ferrell jumped into the ruckus and things got even more chaotic. Somehow she was able to break up the fight but the room looked like a war zone. Everyone in that class had a story to tell.


Da'Vine said...

This was very interesting. I can see why that day was unforgettable.

T.H. said...

Hahaha this the best description of a typical fight at Claremont ever. I love it! I can totally relate to this.