Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Guide to Two-Faced Creatures in the Middle School Jungle

by CW

Okay, so in middle school, there’s those people who are your friends, and people you’re cool with but don’t really chill with. Then you have those certain people who aren’t your friends. The people who you just don’t associate with. Then you have two-faced people, the people that really piss you off! They talk about you behind and in front of you without caring and they call themselves your friend. Ha! I don’t think so! You might as well write, “I’m fake” on your forehead.

Some people need to learn that being fake and two-faced doesn’t make your life any better. Trust me: it’ll get worse throughout their lives but they just don’t know… they don’t know at all! See, what I’m talking about, they’re fake because they’re absent-minded and malicious, and that doesn’t get people anywhere in life.

A time when someone was being two-faced to me was when this one girl was my friend for like a few weeks. Then she asked me to text her boyfriend and ask why he doesn’t bring her flowers, and so I did, and then he asked me why I was I texting him. So, I told him… well… actually, I lied to him for her and said, “Because I think you should bring her flowers.” So then, he basically yelled at me and told me not to bother him or her. Personally, I think he’s hella dumb for that, but whatever! Two nights later, she texted me saying, “My boyfriend doesn’t want us to be friends anymore.” I was just thinking… What the Hell? Is she serious? But then I thought, You know what? It’s not even worth it. I’m not even gonna waste my time with her. So I said, “All right, bye then.” I was mad about it, but I wasn’t going to let her stop me from living my life. I mean, she’s just a girl, right?

I have other things to worry about. I have to focus on my grades, passing the eighth grade, graduating, making it to high school, and much more. At first I was really upset about it, but then I eventually got over it, I guess because I’m not the type of person to hold a grudge. I feel that middle school is a jungle, and in a jungle you have certain creatures that can bother you in many ways; not just physically, but also mentally. Here’s some advice if you ever encounter these kinds of issues: just try to ignore them as best you can, because if you don’t, things can get bad!!! So be cautious. You never know who your friends are these days. Sometimes even your friends can be mean, but not too mean, just a little a few jokes about you here and there. Just don’t take it too seriously, because you have better things to do.


Anonymous said...

It was a good story - Alex K

C00KiE said...

this is so tru !!!

Tyrone dangerfield said...

Hella awesome. soo true and i can make a connection.

Julian Bell said...

This caught my attention, and that part about 2-faced people put a smile on my face! I wanna shake your hand.