Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Sixth-Grade Nothing

by AK

My sixth grade year was the worst year of my life so far, for so many reasons. I’ll relay it in chronological order, how it happened. On my first day at Beacon Day School, a school for rich kids with problems, I was introduced to all the rich kids and the stuck-up idiots. I already felt extremely out-of-place because all of the people there were prim and pompous. They were selfish and had no empathy to anyone they considered to be less than them on the social scale. I was an outcast from all of them, and was always like this. I was a loner. I groped for even the smallest amount of praise. I hated them.

I got in trouble for being loud and obnoxious, and a few days later I was sent out of class for the first of an infinite number of times. It was also the beginning of my reputation as a trouble doer. The school itself was weird for two reasons. One: we called our teachers by their first names. Two: we had year-round school, with a six- week break during summer. Both of these things, in my eyes, are complete bull. I sincerely hated this school and it was a waste of time.

After being sent out of class for the next few months on an average of twice a week, Christmas break came along. Unlike most sweet Christmases, it wasn’t sweet. My mom died during this Christmas break, January 2nd, 2008. I had turned eleven only two weeks before this. I was not really altered by the experience, it just made me sad. I acted the same at school and at home. I made it look like nothing was wrong, and it wasn’t that hard since I knew she was going to die from cancer. It still makes me wonder, to this day, why there is no cure to cancer. And every day I remember what people have to go through, while others remain uncaring.

Eventually, I ended my time at the school with B’s and C’s by getting expelled for fighting and making death threats and bomb threats. My dad was not sad, if truth be told. He said that I saved him some riches. I said that I saved him some stress. I finished the year’s work at home and then relocated to Oakland. I went to Claremont Middle School, and the rest, they say, is history.

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