Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Choir at Disneyland!

by MC

The weekend I had been waiting for had finally arrived! It was my choir’s tour in April of 2008. We were going to compete in this competition called Heritage Festival at Disneyland. We spent three days in four different places. Oakland, Manteca, Fullerton, and Anaheim CA.

When we left, it was around nine in the morning. Our first trip on our tour was to a school named Manteca High in Manteca, CA. There we met their school choir. We sang to them and they sang to us. They told us they had been to the Festival many times. After that they gave us a tour of their school. Their school has so much artwork everywhere. Lastly we did a little dance to a song that we both sang called “You Can’t Stop the Beat,” from the movie and musical called “Hairspray.” They have big bull statue in their courtyard, because it’s their mascot. We all took a big picture in front of their bull. Next was straight to Disneyland!!

We got to Anaheim around 6:00. We weren’t going to make it there on time because our bus broke down as we were going through the mountains. On our way there we saw the Hollywood sign and Magic Mountain. When we finally got there, we went to this seafood restaurant named “Bubba Gump’s.” It is down the street from Disneyland. It was named from the Oscar Winning movie “Forest Gump.” They had a lot of stuff from the movie. We got to play games there after we ate. They had this funny thing we would say to order our food or to get their attention. The food was good and the people there were nice. I bought this cool light-up cup there. After we left there, we went to our hotel where we wood be staying for the next three days. On our way there we acted so crazy!
The hotel that we stayed at is located in Fullerton, CA. After we unpacked, our music teacher said we could go swimming in the pool, but we had to be quiet because it was kind of late and people were going to sleep. I got so mad, my hair got so curly. When I took off my swim cap, my hair looked like Don King hair!!!! My roommate’s mom had to do my hair. It took mostly all night, because I wanted to look nice for the competition the next day.

At our competition, we sang three songs. We were competing in our region. One other group sang one of our songs, but we sang it better. We made our chaperones cry because we were so great! We took pictures outside and in the front of the building. Next we went to Disneyland!!!!!

At Disneyland I got on so many rides. My favorite ride was Space Mountain. It is fast and dark inside. When we were waiting in line for Space Mountain, it took almost an hour to get on the ride. It was worth it, though. Some of us went on this scary ride. It was called “The Haunted Mansion,” from that Disney movie. When we were getting off the ride, we were so creeped out. We started to run, and as we were running out a man was standing right there and scared us. My friend got so scared she fell really hard. Her ankle got twisted. For the rest of the trip there, she had to spend her time in a wheelchair.

Later on that night we saw a fireworks show. People said it was just for us choirs there. After the firework show, we walked to the awards ceremony. The Disney characters did a little performance for all the choirs. When we heard that we won first place, we got up and started screaming and jumping up and down. We got first place out of our region. We got a plaque saying that we came in first place. The next day we were still so happy! We were supposed to go to a church and sing for them, but it was too late. So we just went straight on home. That was the best time I had in my life so far.

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