Sunday, January 25, 2009

A One and Only Perfect Life: A Journal Entry

by NeverFlyte

…As the sun set in the sky, she knew that nothing would be the same. Yet nothing would keep tomorrow from coming, so she would have to learn to let go. For herself, and her people.

The iReader clicked off, informing me that the book was over. I glared at the blank screen, infuriated with the dull ending.

Ma, left for the library, be back shortly. Send.

I thought-texted to my mother, who was on a walk in the park. Black text automatically appeared onto the screen of my cell phone. It was a top-notch phone, with thought-texting included. No more having to press buttons. Think it, and it's done. I didn't understand exactly how it worked, but that didn't matter so much. I would leave that for the smart people to understand. Even though they probably had enough technology to have an online library, where you could download books instantly, they decided not to so that there would still be a sense of community. It was the only place left in the whole city where so many people would get together in such a little space. The only other place where anyone went besides thier houses was the park, but that was too big to form anything close to a sense of community.

As soon as I stepped out the door of my house, there were two moving sidewalks side by side, one going left and one right. The left took you to the library; the right to the park. It wasn't very complicated.

In seconds, the library slid into view. The walls were a flawless white, with a clear foundation. Can you believe that years ago the foundations were solid? They would crack like a fragile eggshell as soon as the first earthquake came along. It was sad, really. Earthquakes are no longer a problem, thanks to Sanuel Leaf, who invented the most primary form of the thick, gooey material in 2094. It absorbs the movement and slows it down, keeping the people inside safe. I'd just learned about it on the History course of my iTeacher, so it was more interesting now than it normally was.

As I entered the library, the kindly old librarian looked up to nod a hello at me before going back to reading her iReader. The library was filled with many, many people, most of them sitting at tables, reading. A small percent were by the shelves looking at book descriptions, which the government had also kept, to keep the former idea of a library alive.

There weren't any books any more. They had left along with the days of Global Destruction, way back before 2050. Trees and any sort of shrubbery were protected by GlobalPlan#4, which was in place to keep the Global Destruction from happening again. You would be sent to prison if caught selling or using anything from trees. This was rare though, because there were so many better things to replace it.

After downloading several interesting titles, I headed home. For the rest of the day, I would talk to my iFriend, take a mandatory school course on my iTeacher, and take a walk in the park so that my exercise numbers would go up.

The next day would be the same.

And the next.

And the next.

Every single day of my life would, in fact, be identical. With the exception of the iWork I would get for my twenty-first birthday, same as every other citizen of the world. It would customize me with a job that would take up time, and would, at first, be challenging.

After years, though, it would be boring. And everything would be exactly the same.

Ah, yes, a life of luxury, indeed.

It’s All About ME!: A Journal Entry

by Shadow

If I could rule the world for a month, I would first make sure I was well fed. Yes, I am a big glutton for that part but how can a society live with a hungry leader? Good question to ask yourself next time you call a leader greedy. Second, I wouldn’t make schools cost anything and I would get rid of textbooks all together. I hate textbooks, and that way teachers would teach whatever they knew all year long and school wouldn’t be required at all. You could arrive at school and leave school whenever you wanted, so kids would actually want to learn after a while. Also, there’d be no such thing as detention for skipping classes. In fact, there would be no detention at all; the students who misbehaved would just be sent home early. My laws would be simple: do what is right. If someone were to complain about some people or someone in particular, I’d banish the offending parties to Mars, but first I’d make Mars like another Earth, only for outcasts. They would have the raw basics for living, like food and shelter, and once they had shown they learned their lesson, only then would they come back to earth to live with the rest of the human race. On Mars, people could do whatever they wanted since I wouldn’t rule that planet, but I’d have most of the population on my side so they couldn’t fight very strongly.

I would make a rule that parents could only see their kids on the kids’ schedules. So parents only would be nosy when it was needed, a real guardian and not a over-reacting parent. Parents are just too nosy which diminishes the bond between them and the children. As a child, I know firsthand about these types of things as well, so I see it from the student’s perspective.

I would also get rid of cars and motorcycles that pollute the earth. Walking would become more common and our species would become less obese. Also, people would have to live closer together since there would be no way to get anywhere too fast (unless you had an extremely good athlete in your family). As a computer addict, I wouldn’t get rid of electricity, but I would get rid of any buildings over five stories tall. There would be no such thing as guns, but sarcasm and joking was always okay. You can’t really make racism against the law since most of us do it without thinking. If ut were outlawed, everybody would be sent to Mars, including me, by the end of the week. However, if someone were to get hurt or injured by either words or physically, I’d have a plan for that. Each person would have their own domesticated animal that they could always have as a loyal friend. The animal could summon help if needed for their “master” or just keep them company. If the owner were to become allergic or passed on, the animal would be set free into the wild and be quickly found by a new owner. The reason they would stay domesticated rather than becoming wild creatures is because of the world becoming fully natural. Then, even the smallest animal could survive without any kind of training. I might even think of crossbreeding some species so that we could invent a new species that would help us even more then the ones today.

More things I would do if I were in charge would be to get rid of paper, that green trade stuff known as money. Money is taking hold of our lives these days and life needs to be more suspenseful and unpredictable, not just about finding something and buying it for the price someone states. People should be able to bargain like the old ways of the Native Americans, and make deals at their own costs, not what someone tells them to pay. One thing that would be required though was to teach our younger generations how to either hunt or grow crops plus learn to make a shelter so even at a young age, they could learn how to live on their own if anything were to happen.

The last thing I would do would be to try and bring the population of humans down a bit and let things happen naturally. If an ice age wanted to hit, so be it, and same with earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, anything really. By taking tall buildings away like I said before though, less people would get hurt and then there would be less to fear of everything. My way, there’d be no fear of natural disasters anymore, just people calmly awaiting them in blissful thoughts. In my world, humans as a species wouldn’t endanger themselves with all the high-tech stuff they invent these days. They would know and think better.

All together, in one month I could and would make the world much different as the ruler of the world. Earth would be safer in environments, natural disasters, medical problems, and much more. I would make the world a better place to live…or so I hope.

Journal Entry

by Arracutie

There was once a young girl named Hannah. Her father and mother had been separated for as long as she could remember. But this day, her fifth birthday, she had something to celebrate. Her father Tom had met woman, a woman named Ana.

Ana was a sweet lady. Each day she would come home with a new book for Hannah, brownies, or flowers. She would wash Hannah with the rose lavender bubble bath she said would make Hannah’s skin shine, and hugged her as often as she smiled.

Finally, Hannah’s wish would come true. Her father had asked Ana to marry him, and they would now be that perfect family she had always envied. She had cavorted around the room when she had heard the news, and dreamed sweet dreams every night, waiting for the special day.

They found a beautiful country house where they would hold a small marriage ceremony with only close friends and family. When the day came, they drove the long seven-hour trip to their new country home. Although Hannah got bored easily, she distracted herself by imagining the wedding.

Ana would approach Tom in her white dress, and he would smile tenderly. The priest would then recite his long, melodic lines until the end drew near. Everyone would hold their breath, as to not interrupt the meaningful words. “Till death do you part,” the priest would finish. “I do,” my father would breathe. “I…I do,” my lovely new stepmother would answer. And then they would kiss.

Hannah stared happily from the back seat, watching her parents talk. She couldn’t imagine anything better than her blissful happiness.

Bowwow's Lucky Keychain: A Journal Entry

by Asia-Amani101

My name is Detective Amani, I am trying to find out who stole Bowwow's lucky keychain.
It all started when he was in the dressing room getting ready to sing "Let Me Hold You". He walked outside to see his girlfriend Ciara. When he walked back in the room and to his dresser it wasn't there.
"Oh my god, where is my chain?"
After that I got a phone call on my cell, it was Bowwow and Ciara. They told me that they needed me to find the lucky keychain.
"I am on my way." I said as I got in my car.
When I got there I asked everyone in the lobby if they had seen the keychain, but no one had seen it. I went back to the room to see if I could find it.
I stepped on something, and guess what it was, Bowwow's lucky keychain.
One sunny Sunday I got another phone call from Ciara.
"Hey Amani, I need your help I don't know where Bowwow is"!
"What? Where do you think he is"?
"I don't know just find my boo".
"Your boo? Girl don't make me slap you through this phone"!
Click, I hung up on her, then I called Bowwow.
"Boy where are you"?
"I am in Michigan". He said it like everything was fine.
"What are you doing in Michigan"?
"Trying to get away from Ciara".
"Why you tryna' get away from her"?
"I don't want to be her boo no more".
"Why not"?
"Cause' she ugly and she can't sing".
"Well I'll meet you in Michigan at 228 Redwood st., by NeNe house. I'll bring Ciara to so that you can pick if you want to be with her or not".
"Okay see you when you get here".
Then I got another phone call from Ciara.
"Amani, I am for real I really need your help. Sorry, sorry,sorry"!
"Okay let's take a trip a to Michigan to get this off your mind".
"What about...............".
"Okay just meet me at my house at 1:15, bye".
That same day Ciara came to my house she was crying.
"Why are you crying Ce Ce"?
"I was just thinking that maybe Bowwow was mad and left because of me".
"And if he did that's no need to cry, you just won't be his girlfriend just a friend".
"But we have been friends for so long it can't end like this".
"Well sometimes things end when you don't want to, nothing but a number line goes on forever, and at some point that has to end".
"Well unless it's a great relationship right"?
"Well I don't know just keep what I said in your head".
"Amani, you're the best! Let's go".
To be continued...

Friday, January 9, 2009



a poem by BrownBomber#4

Some of the Problems and Consequences of Being a Teenager

Why join a gang?

To get respect?

You’re not going to find it.

You’ll end up dead or doing time.

So Why?

Why do drugs?

To be cool?

You’re not going to be.

You’ll just end up dead, addicted, out of school, or living on the street.

So Why?

Why get pregnant?

That’s up to you.

What are you going to do after that?

You’ll probably have to drop out of school, get a job, or two to pay for the things you’ll need.

So Why?

Why drink beer or alcohol?

To be cool?

That’s still not going to happen.

You’ll find yourself an alcoholic, out of school, mental problems, or physical pain.

So Why?

Why fight?

To get back at someone?

You’ll get that but at what price?

Being kicked out of school, jail, physical pain, or mental pain?

So Why?

Why waste your time doing these things that would cause harm to you or others? Instead of doing these things you could be getting all the things that are helpful to you for your future.

So before you do these things, think about the consequences and ask yourself: