Monday, November 10, 2008



[If Obama were here] I would say, you did a good job, and I hope you are a good president. I hope you can stop the war and help the economy. There is a lot of work to do and hopefully you can do it all. You have amazed blacks and whites everywhere so do good.



Judging by what he says about affordable health care, new schools, recruiting new teachers and giving tax cuts for the middle class, I'm happy. We are in for finally long-lasting change.

Barack Obama

by NeverFlyte

Barack Obama was elected 44th preident of the United States last night. I was happy. Proud that the person that my family supported did win. What does this mean, though? I can remember to to two elections before this one, both times with Bush winning. Being a Democrat, it was easy to criticize his every action and frown upon his words.
What will Barack do? Will he have the opposite effect on us that Bush did? Will he also make mistakes, as Bush did? Will he really make a difference? Can he really make a difference?
All I can do is sit down for the wild ride that is set before us, and hope for the best.

Letter About Obama

by Ary

I am so amped that Barack Obama was elected the 44th president last night. It means that I can finally trust a president. He will help everyone get a house and lower taxes and help everyone get healthcare. If he were here I'll tell him that I'm glad that he is president and to lower gas prices, because every time me and my mom go shopping I can't get anything because she says gas prices are too high.

Barack Obama: Change Has Come

by Shadow

On Tuesday at around eight-o-clock on November 4th 2008, Barack Obama was elected president. I've been a supporter of Obama since the beginning, even before Hilary Clinton. I believe he can make good changes to make the US more equal and hopefully he'll make Prop 8 disappear forever so that gays and lesbians can marry. It's unfair to make a rule, then take it back.
Starting from slavery, and going all the way to have a president is a huge step for blacks. Barack Obama is Dr. Martin Luther King jr. reborn. He is going to show the US that blacks aren't horrible to those racist people. If he were here right now, I'd probably tell him how much courage and bravery he has come through. Not many people can do what he did. Barack Obama is my hero.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Barack Obama

by exb11

The first African American President was elected yesterday night. I was so happy when I was watching it. I called all my friends and told them although they were watching it too- they yelled on the phone as if they just won a million dollars. Barack Obama being president feels like change is really coming and I commend him for trying hard to make this world better.



Barack Obama just won the presidential election. My father keeps telling me how huge this is & how lucky I am that I'm here to witness this. I understand to a point. I understand that it is huge. That this is history in the making. And how lucky I am to witness it. I even understand Obama's speech. However I don't understand the excitement, I wasn't there to see the change. I don't feel any of the emotions. I wish I did though.



When I think of Obama the first thing that comes to my mind is hard work. He worked very hard to become president and to get people to vote for him. He's also responsible. He has to be responsible because that's one of the jobs of being a president. He's a leader and a role model. Many people wanna walk in his footsteps and they really look up to him. He's a very lovable man, he has a big heart. He and his wife have been married for 16 years and have two beautiful daughters together. He is a really caring person, he cares about making a difference and making America a better place. He cares about the people's problems and how they feel. I was so happy when Obama won, when my mom told me I ran down the steps so fast I almost fell. I was mad about Proposition 8 had banned gay marriage, but it feels good to be alive when the first African-American was elected president. I'm really happy but I hope that he doesn't get shot because really people look up to him as a figure and a role model.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


by Monkeygirl

The way I feel about Obama winning- I feel good because he can change the world and fix what Bush messed up. This means to me that I got to do better and believe in myself because if he can make it and follow his dreams and not give up then I have to try to follow my dreams and do what I need to do to change. I think Obama will make a lot of changes like putting more money into school and putting more jobs in. If he was here I would tell him thank you for following your dreams, and tell him he's my favorite president.

Barack Obama!

by Tu-TuBabie

Right now I'm feeling good because this is the biggest moment ever in life. When I heard that Barack Obama won it meant the whole world to me and I just felt like walking all over the world screaming Obama real loud I can't stop moving I just keep moving and walking around and I'm talking about him nonstop. I think he will change gay marriage and schools, and how young people should act and I hope he will change the gas prices and high price stuff. If Barack Obama were here I would tell him how excited I was acting and how good this is for me and I would tell him how excited my cousins were. I would tell him how he changed my life already, and how I admire him.


by llover

When Obama became president I was totally speechless! The first African-American president ever, and I was there to witness this. I was so proud and hopeful of America's future and I trust Obama will steer us toward the right direction. I can't realy explain how I felt when the T.V. people (lol :)) told us that Barack Obama was our elect- president. I feel really excited and I will remember this event forever, or at least until I die. This is so spectacular and I can't even begin to feel how African Americans might've felt that night.


by NoName

I feel so happy that finally there is a black man that's president. I can't believe that a black man, Barack Obama, and his family will be living at the White House. There is finally a change in the United States of America. This means the sky is the limit, that means anybody can do anything if they put their mind to it. I think Obama will try to stop the war, and help the middle class people, and try to lower the taxes. If he was here at school I would cry, and give him a hug, and tell him that I'm proud of him achieving his dream.


by Emberlyn Azure

I am so happy Barack Obama has been elected. I think our great nation is in need of change and he's just the man to do it. When I found out it was like my body jumped out of my skin and ran around the world, I was so excited. I hope he will start cleaning up the debt that Mr. Bush has put us in. I hope other countries will love us again and wish they were us (like it used to be before George Bush). If Obama were here I would shake his hand and tell him I'm honored to meet such a great man.


by Jure

I am really relieved that Obama and Biden beat McCain and Palin. With Obama in office this country will change for the better. Something that McCain wouldn't have done. He would've kept the country going in the same direction. That would've corrupted our country more than it already is.
I hope Obama can successfully get our economy back on track. I also hope he can keep all the promises he made. I do think he will and he will make this country great again.

A Turn in History

by Arracutie

This is an amazing turn in history. The fact that Obama was able to win the nomination for president means that the country is ready for a huge change. Hundreds of thousands of people rushed to the polls, determined to change the course of history. Many people voted for the first time ever, knowing that this election would be one of the most memorable ones ever.
Even though I've never seen slaver or extreme racism through my own eyes, I am still able to grasp the importance of this event. Less than a hundred years ago, the election of a black president seemed impossible. The next generation of people will think the election of a black president is normal. Hopefully, our world is finally ending racism; for good.
Barack Obama's words have inspired many. I'm sure he will continue to lead our country in the right direction, amending any disagreements we have had with other countries. Thousands of people have faith in this wonderful man. I'm sure Barack Obama will live up to expectations.

Obama 08

By Bojangos

As we all know presidential candidate and democrat nominee Barack Obama has won the presidential election last night November 4, 2008. Obama is going to be our 44th president and our 1st black president (Afro-American).
Obama is going to help our heath care and hopefully get America back on track like 8 years ago. Obama and his running mate Joe Biden who I think is wonderful and honest about everything and what he says he’s going to do he’ll do it and that is why I think Joe Biden is awesome!!! and the whole Obama campaign from working the polls all the way to canvassing to earn all the money so Barack Obama can come this far and win it all (AND HE DID WIN IT ALL!!!!)

Our reactions to the election

Today in class, students wrote their reactions to the election. Many of their responses will be posted on the blog. We hope you enjoy reading the perspectives of some 8th graders.