Thursday, June 10, 2010

Advice With Experience

by JL

James Luckett was a boy with little gloom or glee,
though he was good, his life was long and deep.
His days were boring, long, but true,
he learned his days away and always had a clue.
He stuck to his friends day-to-day like glue.
And he never lied; he always told the truth.
My parents interrogated me
and spoke to me as if I were lazy.
"I was getting good grades,” I told them
but they were still driving me crazy.

James Luckett was and is- of course- me,
who had little glee or gloom
and my 8th grade year seemed to be doomed.
People said I was nice and had good hair, which loomed,
though I had cool grades my conscience ruled.
My school year was pretty cool,
but if you don't fit in, it could be really cruel.
I loved Claremont, all my friends in which I hang,
we never did anything bad or anything to bang.
At the end of the 8th we all gave a sorrow bye.
We were brothers, we were close, but couldn't cry.

So here's a little advice about brothers:
once one leaves, it's law to miss each other.
Never get into any fights that are filled with hate,
just keep your cool and you can graduate.
My friends, family, teachers, and staff,
though they yelled my grades were nothing to laugh.
I've graduated, and I know it's your turn as well.
If you don't ,your life will be a living hell.
You'll be by yourself with nothing but an uncomfortable shell,
and a pit of despair.
Don't end your friend’s relationship, move forward with your life.
Don't back step and end your year with strife.
Enjoy your years, learn, read, write, and remember each step.
Step up to graduate. Don't end your rep.
Don't think of anything as hard, but as a challenge,
see your work as a sign of revenge,
as to doing it well and as your grads last defense.
If I finished in a flash then you should have read this as reference.
As I said before, my time is up
so you take the next step on to a life with love.
Don't get angry when it comes to push and shove,
any type of quarrels will end with leave, no future to love.

This passage I've formed is just a little experience and advice.
Get your life together and put it in a vice.
Someone always told me that we we are all kings,
but we can't be so without marriage or many rings.
Kings rule world round
so as your graduation it is your day to be crowned.
This is the end, we are all kings and queens. But only when failure is an option.
So pick up your life and get your grades together, with A's as the option,
twist them and flip them to end with a caption.

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T.H. said...

I love it. I love your rhymes and the advice. It's amazing.