Thursday, June 10, 2010

Frenemies to Friends

by LC

6th grade was when everything started: the drama, fights, arguments, rumors, and the trouble.

It all began the second week of school. I was in Spanish class when this girl named Iyanna asked me for a Spanish book. I gave it to her, then she smacked it out of my hand and said it was messed up and got mad and walked away. So I got up, walked up to her, and start yelling at her. We began arguing and we were about to start fighting when my friend and hers held us back.

After that incident I promised myself not to get angry so fast. So one day, during lunch, I was sitting down eating when this girl Oshanae asked me if I liked this other girl, Kianna. I said, “Yes, she cool with me.” Then Oshanae asked one of my best friends, Brianna, if she liked Kianna. Being herself and trying to be down, Brianna said no. Kianna overheard the conversation and said to Brianna, “What you got a problem with me for?” Brianna stood up and got in her face, and they started arguing.

In an instant Kianna had pushed Brianna into the barred lunchroom window, then punches were flying everywhere. I remember trying to break it up but then getting hit in the face because so many people had jumped in. Brianna was crying but had no scratches or marks on her, but Kianna had scratches all over her face and a busted lip.

After all that I decided to stay out of mess and began hanging with my cousin Kai and my other friends. But it seemed wherever I went, mess followed. Two weeks after that fight happened, I was sitting in history when Iyanna asked me a question. I ignored her and kept writing, then all of a sudden she was up in my face. I pushed her and she ran up on me, then the teacher grabbed her before she could grab hold of me. Everyone was staring at us, but it was like I was in my own world. I spaced out and saw everything in slow motion, and when I snapped out of it, I realized I was being told to go to the office.

As I walked down the hallway I remember my heart was beating fast and I knew that my anger was building up. I had to control myself! I started crying because I was so angry that I was on my way to the office even though I hadn’t done anything, but then I realized that was a good thing, and I went to the office. As it turned out, I didn’t get suspended- instead I went to conflict management. Iyanna and I worked things out. I was finally happy! We started talking a lot and became really close, and soon I was going to her house frequently.

Toward the end of the year everyone started running wild, but I was cool with everybody. Then a tragedy happened: my best friend started smoking and not coming to school. It hurt me a lot because I knew she was a good student and I wanted to help her but didn’t know what to do I tried to talk to her but there was no point. She wouldn’t admit it.

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