Thursday, June 10, 2010


by ZS

You know how a dream can help you find a solution in your life? Well, my dream helped me. I was going through a tough time in my life during middle school. I was very depressed. My dream helped me through some of it. It went a little something like this…

I was running from something I could not see. Every time I looked back, whatever it was seemed to be getting closer and closer. I thought that whatever it was was going to get me. I kept running, though. I ran until I almost forgot what I was running for. I started thinking about all the people in my life, good or bad. People who really mean something to me, and people who don’t. I wasn’t thinking about the thing chasing me; at that moment it was like it didn’t even matter. I turned around and saw nothing. I knew that what I was running from, I couldn’t see, but this time was different, I knew that I was okay. I knew it was gone. I was calm. I was at peace.

In the dream, I recognized everything around me. I saw my old music box, the one that every time you open it, a ballerina pops out and it starts to play music. There was my old Barbie house I used to play with as a kid. I never liked Barbies, but my cousin and I would play with them, because she liked them, and I would have fun.

Another thing in the dream, there was fire. The fire made me remember the time my cousin and I almost burned our grandma’s house down when we were younger. My cousin and I were playing with a lighter in one of the rooms, and we were trying to light things up. We went over to the bed and lit it on fire. In the dream, I smiled at the memories I had. Some of my memories were so silly.

In the dream there were also frogs. I remembered that time my cousins and I went to a swamp and got a whole bunch of frogs. We brought the frogs home to my grandma’s, and let them all loose. They went all over our grandma’s house. We tried to catch them, but they were all over the place.

I thought of all the good things that had happened to me, and the good memories I had. I thought of the good times I had as a kid and the good times I’ve had in middle school. My dream started to become blurry. I was coming out of sleep. Then my alarm went off.

I woke up wishing I didn’t. It was time for me to go to school. I hopped in the shower trying to figure out what my dream was about. I came up with this: it’s okay to stop grieving and be at peace. Nothing’s going to happen to you anymore, and no matter what you’re going through now, everything is going to be all right. I went to school with a big smile that day…


Anonymous said...

I like the fact that, we've known each other since the sixth grade.... And I like the story

SimplyNecie said...

i like your title (:
- necie <3