Thursday, June 10, 2010

Learning to Fight

by TB

On my first day of middle school I was scared of people who were better fighters than me. I thought if I made friends with them, I would be safe from their physical harm to me. I tried to be friends with them, but they kept being mean to me. I was devastated at the fact that they wouldn’t accept me as a friend. I went home and asked my grandmother if I could start training. I took jui-jitsu, Muay Thai, and regular kung-fu. The more I trained, the more I felt powerful enough to fight my foes. I tried to be just like Bruce Lee, but that would take intense training.

One day, I met up with my old friend James and his friends. And if they're his friends, they're mine, too. They told me a lot about my favorite anime show, Naruto. They knew more than I did, and I had thought I was a master at that, but life isn’t all that easy. I realized that I should look into things more to be better than I was. When school was over, I went to my martial arts class to train all the way. I was tired of people thinking they could fight me, even though they didn’t know what I was capable of. I started running 15 laps around my house almost every day. I think all the training paid off when I fought my older cousin.

I fought my cousin at the dojo in Concord. At first, I didn’t know what to do, but when he first hit me my rage overpowered me. He kicked me, then I raised my fist in the air with full force to the jaw. He dodged it and came up with the same uppercut I did, but he was slow with his attack. I kicked him in the shin, then kneed him in the jaw with a powerful force. He was pretty unconscious when I hit him. Lucky it was a practice brawl, or he would have been on his way to the hospital. After that fight I asked for another fight, but no one wanted to fight. Some people were tired from training, so I just left the gym.

I felt like the greatest fighter, but it was my rage that gave me the edge I needed to defeat my opponents. I was so strong that I could fight an army of fighters, but I could not control my power. I could have killed my cousin from that knee to the jaw. I shouldn’t have let my anger get to me. I tried to calm down but it was too much. That day was victorious but frightening.

I won so many times that I could have been an assassin. That day was the best day I could ask for.

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