Thursday, June 10, 2010

When I Broke My Ankle

by DV

The best thing that happed to me at Claremont was when I broke my foot, because a lot of people were paying attention to me. One cool thing about my ankle being broken was when I got my x –ray, the doctor showed me how I broke my ankle. Then, when I went to the cast room, there were all kinds of colors for casts- any color you can think of! I picked a color that matched the colors in the clothes I was wearing.

When I went back to school, I had no P.E. and I got out of doing the mile run test; that was the best part. I got to be late to all my classes with no consequences, because I had to go slowly on my crutches. Also, I skipped days of school because my mama wanted me to get some rest.

At home, I got special treatment, too. I did not have to clean up my room. My sister had to clean the whole house all by herself. All I had to do was rest and eat healthy. At first, I was really happy that I broke my ankle.

But then I started to miss playing basketball and football and doing other stuff. Those seven weeks of being in a cast were long. When I took my cast off it hurt really bad. I tried to walk, but I could not, because my foot was not used to the ground anymore.

The worst part was when the doctor had to pop my ankle back in place; that really hurt. After I broke my ankle, my aunt broke her ankle in two different places and fractured it in two places. Hers was worse then mine. It must have really hurt. She said she felt really bad, and her foot is not going to heal as fast as mine. Even though I had fun with my broken ankle, I hope it never happens again. It’s a bad feeling.

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