Friday, April 24, 2009

First day back from spring break

by Monkeygirl

Ok this is how this goes. Have you ever been played? Well I have. Lol just playing, but on Monday, our first day back from spring break, I wanted to fight three people.

One person I wanted to fight was because I told that dirty girl not to touch my face and she tried to smash on me talking bout she gone punch me in my face and all that b.s. Well instead of me walking away like I usually do I smashed back and told her straight up “you need not to touch my face before I take off on you, u are too dirty to touch me.” Then she gone say im going to slap you, and I told her I was waiting for her to do it but she was being scary. So after that I was talking to my best friend and telling her that I don’t care I will fight her and her cousin.

So then after school I guess she told her cousin. So her cousin comes up and slaps me in my face. So now im mad and ready to take off my backpack and stuff, and the girl cousin and me are arguing. Then our assistant principle gone try to pull me aside, but I kept walking. She said if I don’t come here she is going to suspend me for five days. She was telling me that I was wrong for taking the bait and snapping at her and that I did the right thing by not fighting her.

At lunch before all of that happened this girl gone DEMAND me to move from her table because she didn’t like me. I didn’t move I finished my conversation. Then I remembered that I was supposed to meet someone at the library so I told my best friend lets go, and I walked away and I had said, “I don’t like these dirty females at this school.” So then she come up behind me and asked if I called her dirty? And my best friend said no I didn’t. I start yelling at my best friend because she always trying to protect me every time and I wanted to fight her so dang bad she was doing way to much after that I was still mad.


by Llover

Theres this really awesome party that I want to go to on Saturday night. E and a few other people from my school are going. Its a birthday party for this girl named S. Shes a 7th grader at Redwood Day. Its a themed birthday party. The theme is a wedding her and her ex boyfriend. Ok well they broke up on Wednesday but they decided to still go with the plan. So theres this whole wedding set up and its like a wedding between to gangs. And the people invited have to ply a certain key role in the wedding. Like Im supposed to play A’s (S's ex) mom....and E's A’s sister. There will be a photographer and stuff like that. Then a person get murdered. But no one knows till the end of the party. Throughout the party the guests are supposed to try and find out who gets murdered and who is the murder and why they murdered that person. It sounds pretty fun plus your supposed to dress the part.Yea and E and I are going to have a sleepover
cause its like one of those parties that last until like 4 in the morning. I already got these really cute shoes and a dress to match! Lol. S’s really nice I hope she goes to Tech that would be really fun. Since there will already be alot of people I’ve known for along time going to Tech and together we will ROCK THE HOUSE! lol Ok bye!

Basketball Game

by Too+Fresh=Fresher

Tomorrow I’m going to play super hard because this is my last game and I want to win. I’m going mostly take it the basket when I get the ball I’m not going to be scared. I’m going to get a least 3 rebounds. I’m going to get a least 3 steals. I’m going to try to make 6 points will I’m going I going get 3 rebounds this am my goal. For my basketball game s**t I want everyone playing playing a*s hard as I’m going to do. We going to play hard we going to win this game. Will that a least im going to try but yeah idk if im going to play basketball in high school. I think I could make the basketball team in high school. I will never know until I get in high school. Im going to keep playing basket ball in the summer so I could make it because I really want to make it so yeah I guess maybe I can make will I really want to play volley ball also so I would never know to high school come its really not that long for high school come since the test are on there way so want have to wait that long but im going to practice in high school though.

Ms. Thaler

Sometimes Ms. Thaler can be very nice and sometimes she can be mean. Like today when we were doing our Do Now she was all calm and quiet and the next minute she was yelling at everyone. Sometimes I think she is crazy, but then again that’s just my opinion. She’s a very nice teacher but she yells a little bit to much. Sometimes it doesn’t be necessary.
When she’s being nice and not yelling we have fun. We are doing our work and everything. I wish she was like this all the time but who could blame her. I think she could be nice but it wouldn’t seem right if she was happy all the time.
When she yells I don’t know if she knows this but it only makes things worst. She makes people laugh and yell and they’re just getting louder the more she yells.

When she’s mad she can stay mad all day. But then again she’ll be mad then go back to being happy again. That seems a little strange to me. That’s why sometimes I think she’s crazy. But then again she could act like this all the time. I don’t want to put any one down or make them feel bad. Sometimes I know why she’s yelling and if I was her I would be yelling to. Then other times I don’t think its that big of a deal


by Roger Sims

We,the people should legalize marijuana. it would help the economy and is already the most grown crop of California. Marijuana is the least obnoxious and violent drug .If they could put an “ok” age limit on alcohol and cigarettes then they should definitely be able to put an age limit on good old grass .EVERYONE likes smoking pot excluding the people that only dislike the drug for making them nervous or paranoid. pot makes food taste better,music sound better,and bad days feel better,it could even be called a all natural anti depressant. its seriously the bees knees. everyone would be so much happier with this. it could even make California have a way higher tourist attraction. imagine being able to plan a trip and telling your friends tour going to a place that has legalized marijuana. There is really no downside on legalizing this wonderful plant. If you didn't like smoking pot,then don't do it? What kind of jerks don't want California to be a happier and peaceful place. marijuana simply enhances your imagination...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Prologue Part 2

By Shadow

“Liam?” The shy, scared voice of a young child spoke.

She was alone with a handful of beautiful flowers from the edge of the forest. All colors of the rainbow were in the grasp of her tiny hands, every single color. They were bright and fresh, the opposite of the feeling the little girl had. Her face showed weakness and fear. Her cheeks weren’t a calm pink, but a flushed red. Everything about her expression showed she was in danger.

The only thing that weren’t shaken were her sparkling blue eyes. It made her look cute and innocent, tempting to anyone. Her eyes showed a small hint of fright, but mainly curiosity as they stared straight into the mysterious forest. She wondered why her brother had told her not to go into the forest. What was in there that was so bad? It didn’t look bad.

Before the girl could wonder much longer about the whereabouts of the forest, she spotted an old man hiding among the near border trees. She was curious, but the girl was smart not to walk towards the stranger. She knew he may mean danger. Her brother had said unknown things were dangerous, like their father. The girl started to turn, heading back towards the road.

That was when he saw her as well, but he didn’t move from his place in the trees. Still, he whispered to her. “Hey, little girl.” He could barely be heard, but the girl paused and turned around, bring the flowers she held to her chest. The old man continued. “Don’t be scared, I’m no threat.”

The girl didn’t smile nor frown, but her voice was as sweet as the flowers she held. ”Are you sure?” She saw the old man smile.

“Yes, I’m sure.” He answered.

The girl sighed as she put one of the flowers in her hair. She looked up to the man. “I’m lost.” She saw the man smile a little, his wrinkles fully showing.

“I guessed that.” He stepped forwards and out of the trees. His hand went out to the girl as he started the way towards the streets. “I’ll take care of you.”

“Okay.” The little girl answered bravely as she took the old man’s hand in her while holding the bunch of flowers in her other hand. She totally forgot about her brother as the warmth of another hand hit hers. She felt safe.

The man started towards a house on the edge of the others. It had no close neighbors, yet the bright yellow and blue coloring made it look inviting. He took out a key and let go of the girl’s hand as he did so. The door opened to the touch of the key’s turn. The girl’s eyes started to widen at the sight of the house. It was small from the outside, but the inside seemed large.

The whole place was mainly a living room with a couch and a mini television. Everything else was wilderness related. There were a few animal heads on the walls and a huge bear skin on the floor. Some swords and bows were hung up as well, but she could tell they were more than just decorations. No dust lay on them, none at all.

“Do you like it?” The old man asked the girl while taking off his light jacket and setting it on a rack. The girl just nodded and took her jacket off as well, mimicking the old man. “You’ll be sleeping here,” The man started to talk about rules and where to find things, but the girl was already absorbed in the weapons held on the walls, specifically looking at the bow and arrows.

She reached out to touch the arrow’s point. “I wouldn’t play with that.” She paused, then kept her hands to herself.

The girl looked at the man as she walked to the small table and set her flowers down, then walked back to the same wall. Her eyes shone in wanting. “Can I learn to use it?” She asked.

The old man came over to the girl and reached over her to grab the bow and arrows off the wall. He got on his knees slowly to let her see well. “You want to learn how to use these?” the young girl set her hair behind her ears, then nodded. “Very well then.” The girl’s face lit up. The old man just smiled back.


by Shadow

No. She can’t just have disappeared!

My eyes scanned the area, but only trees came into view. I could hear my own heart starting to race faster and faster as each second went by.

I closed my eyes. Maybe this was a dream. It was a nice idea. There was only one problem, it wasn’t. My vision didn’t change to warm, bright sunlight that shined through the blinds like a usual morning. Instead, it stayed the same dark forest as I opened my eyes. Damn.

I started to run. No, sprint. I sprinted forwards, but paused. The forest around me spun and I could barely see where the trees lightened to meet the town streets. I didn’t want to get lost myself. Right now I was just on the border of the forest, but that could change easily to becoming the deep core of the engulfing tree. I had no plan in loosing myself along with my sister.

“Paige!” I hollered desperately. Please be an answer. No answer. “Paige, where are you?!” I was frantic. She was only three years younger than me, how could she get lost?

I brought me hands to the rim of my mouth, trying to echo my voice as I yelled. ”Pa-aige!” Her name was barely a word through my screaming lungs. That was how hard I had yelled, how hard I wanted to find my sister. All I could think about was how much Father would ate me for loosing my six year old sister.

Why today? Why not any other day? Because it was fate, that’s why. I don’t believe in anything at all, but fate. It was fate that I had lost my little sister on Mother’s departure. It had to be. Nothing else could give me a reason for loosing her on such a drastic day. Just two years ago, our mother had passed away. Exactly two years ago. See what I mean? It was fate.

I turned around, feeling helpless and defenseless to what would happen to the little brunette now. My feet trudged, not wanting to face my father at all. I cracked my knuckles, feeling stupid and wanting to kill myself now. She was right next to me! Then boom, gone.

My eyes quickly adjusted to the sun as I stepped out of the forest. It seemed so happy and welcoming, oblivious to what had just happened in the dark forest. I sat down at the roots of a tree, rethinking whether I should spill to Father. I started to think.

No, I won’t tell him. Instead I’d search the whole town and if I don’t find her…no, I will find her. I’ll hide in the city, though. She wouldn’t be stupid to wander too far into the forest, I know it.

There, I decided what to do. I didn’t want to go back to Father for afraid of what my punishment would be forest such a drastic thing. Instead, I’d run away. I’d run away from home, all because of my little sister. I stood and started to run again. My breath started to race again.

First, I’d have to find somewhere to live. Then, I would search.

I knew right then and there, I have a hell of a journey in front of me. My whole life just turned a huge leaf. No, bigger than huge. Gigantic.

Reflection on Maus

by Blargon

In the story Maus, I can relate to Artie not really understanding where his dad's coming from because as in my case, like Artie and Vladek, my dad and I come from two different worlds.

My father and Vladek come from worlds where they were not accepted for who they were/are. They were treated like less of a person by racist whites who believed that they were superior to them.

My dad, for example, grew up in all-white Castro Valley, an area where he was constantly stopped by the police. They thought he'd come in from Oakland and that he couldn't possibly live there.

My father was the only African American student at his high school and was constantly picked on. At school dances, he had no one to dance with because he basically wasn't allowed to dance with the white girls.

My father's counselor once told him that he shouldn't bother with college because he wasn't college material, but my father went on to get his master's degree.

This, fortunately, isn't the life I know. I believe I have the same opportunities in life as anyone. Sure, there are still racist people in the world, but we have come a very long way from what Vladek and my father had to endure. During my life, I have and will be given many opportunties my father never had. I intend to take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. LG (life is good).

Reflection on The Freedom Writers Diary

by Asia-Amani101

My reflection on The Freedom Writers Diary is that it is a wonderful book for teenagers to read because most people can relate to the characters in the book and also the movie. I think that The Freedom Writers Diary explains a lot that goes on in the human life and what most teens go through during high school and also their at home life. I think that all teens should read this book so that they can read about what other kids their age have been through, such as getting jumped, spit on, called names, etc. To me, The Freedom Writers Diary makes you open your eyes and see the real world and what people have to go through in order to get respect.

Freedom Writers is a lot like the movie- it explains the same things that go on in the movie. I'm happy I picked this book because it's very interesting and easy to relate to. My group has read up to pg. 40 or higher. I think everyone in the group enjoys reading this book and feels the same about the book as I do. I enjoy working with my the people in my group because we are all girls and we are all friends. I wouldn't change my book for another because I like Freedom Writers and I like reading about what people have been through in life.