Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Riot of the Year

by RB

It started in the 7th grade. We were all doing fine until the last few days of school. Everybody that I didn’t like didn’t like me either. So we all planned to fight on the last day of school. When the day finally came, we all arrived on the baseball field at lunch with bats and chairs.

The next hour went by, then all my patnas jumped in. Mostly all of the student got involved, and then even some of the teachers were in the riot. The principal was hiding in classrooms. They called the police on most of students.

I regret having that riot at school. We shouldn’t have fought. It was kind of stupid to get into such a huge fight over one racist comment. In the end, we all had to do community service for 48 hours.

My life has been crazy since that day. Four days after the riot, my brother Reese died in a car accident. He was in the riot with me, and four days later, he died. When he got into the car accident they let him burn up in the car.

That riot was the first and last riot I will ever be in. I will never be in a riot because that was last thing I did with my brother. I don’t even really like fighting anymore, because it reminds me of him.


dez n said...

i have deep empathy

Anonymous said...

You poured your whole heart into that piece of writing. It hit home for me and I will always remember that piece of writting.