Thursday, June 10, 2010

There Was A Fire?!?

by SB

Wednesday was a very exciting day. Bruno, Jack and I were just hanging out at the usual place, preparing to play soccer. Suddenly, the air felt warm. I looked toward the band room and saw that the recycling bin was burning a crimson blaze. Who had done this? We did not know, but we did know that this was the best day of our life. Bruno and I quickly evacuated everyone in the vicinity. Jack took his spare water hose from his life jacket and began to douse the fire. Then a student closed the lid on the bin and Jack, red-faced, fled the scene faster than a Ninjask (the fastest Pokemon ever)! Bruno and I were forced by Mr.Weekes to stop our lifesaving and evacuate ourselves. Alex sprinted to the fire alarm faster than Wilma Rudoph in the 1960 Olympics.

The wicked being who created this fire fled the scene, but within minutes, the fighters of fire had arrived. Mr. Smith claimed he saw the flames reach 15 feet high. The seventh graders scrambled faster than gravy-covered cats in a barn full of bloodhounds. The teachers attempted to keep the children in order but they refused! They repeatedly ran around the yard with their shirts off, screaming “Anarchy!” and “Fire!” and “This is not a drill!” Eventually, Ms.Crockett just started sending people home. The huge meeting in the gym after the fire was really exciting; Ms.Crockett was as angry as an Agron (a Pokemon that gets angry really easily)!

Whoever did this was expelled, she claimed, but no one believed her, for she was soft-hearted. Then, suddenly, we heard a huge explosion, and all the windows shattered. We ran outside screaming. Jack, Bruno and I helped evacuate everybody. Then we ran outside the building, which was now on fire. The explosion was caused by a car driving into the blazing dumpster, causing the sulfuric acid from the car battery to explode.

Ms. Crockett fled faster than a Frosslass (a Pokemon with fast feet)! It was up to the students to put out all the fires. The firefighters had fled, Jack’s life jacket hose had been depleted, and the gym was becoming more and more engulfed in flames! Bruno hopped the fence to the fire department and took a fire hose and began to douse the fire. The day was saved thanks to the Three Musketeers! Ms.Thaler, Mr. Smith and Mr. Finch rewarded us with a great chicken pancake breakfast, a feast fit for a Wailord (the largest Pokemon known to man) and we lived happily ever after. I learned that day that the teachers had no way of saving us during a serious event, and after that I promised myself to never trust a teacher again, because they fled the fire.

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SP said...

i like how all your literary devices refer to pokemon.