Thursday, June 10, 2010

Middle School Life

by AT

Unlike other middle school students, I didn’t start middle school in the U.S. I started in the middle east of Africa, in a country called Morocco. At first it didn’t feel like middle school in the 6th grade, but when I came back to the U.S in the 7th grade, it did feel like middle school.

I didn’t like 7th grade at all. It was my first time getting suspended, and my first time getting really bad grades. I hated half of the teachers, because they didn’t teach me well, which is why I had bad grades. I told my mom, but she wouldn’t believe me that the teachers weren’t teaching well. I tried as hard as I could, but I still got low grades.
The worst part of 7th grade was when I got suspended because of a fight. I didn’t really want to fight, but a boy got me mad and he grabbed me first, and then I defended myself. When we went to the office, he lied to them, telling them I started it. I told them he started it, but they wouldn’t believe either of us, so they suspended me and the other kid. And that’s 7th grade.

8th grade was a little better. I got suspended for one day because of nothing. Someone thought I was the one who spilled milk in the cafeteria on purpose. My grades improved a little bit.

Then there was this incident about a garbage can on fire. They thought I did it, because I was always over there. I was so mad that I missed a lot of work and my grades went down, and now I have to make them up. I’m still mad about it right now. That’s the 8th grade story. I think 7th and 8th grades were the worst grades yet. I hope they’re the worst, but in high school there might be ups and downs too.

In middle school, I learned three things. First: pay attention to who really is your friend, because they might not really like you. Some people just use you. Also, have at least two very smart friends so that you can get help on something you don’t know, like a math problem. Second: always be respectful to teachers who respect you. Third: never ever ever trust anybody in school, because you will always be disrespected.

I’m telling you this because I went through all these steps, and now I think this will help other students if they follow it. I will, when I get to high school. In the ninth grade I will try my best, and when I say my best I mean the best I have ever done before. So in the ninth grade, I will get good grades, I am sure I will. And when I keep it up all through high school, I will get a scholarship to a good college.

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