Thursday, June 10, 2010

People Talking

by SR

I get tired of people talking about my personal life. Like what happened yesterday was I was tired in class so I left, but then I did not tell my teacher, which made her worried. I be hating when my mom tells teachers my whole life. My mom asks some of my teachers for help, but they do not help me, which makes me mad because it’s a waste of time. Then my mom asked the school for help, like the people that work in the office, and they put me on a contract for turning in my homework. They just kept checking up on me with my teachers, asking things like how I’m doing in class, do I talk a lot, things like that. They kept talking to me and were strict with me and I did pull my grades up. They told me to work then play. I try my best to pay attention in class but I get bored so I fall asleep or I do not listen. For me the hardest things are not talking and getting good grades on my quizzes.

Even though I did not like Mr. Aqeel’s company, he did help me improve my grades. He would approach me at lunch right after class, taking me back into the classroom. We would look for my teachers to find out what homework I needed to complete. Once given, I would be assigned the homework to be finished during lunch. I felt horrible because I could not kick it with my friends, instead I had to go do my homework. My friends thought I was a nerd, but I knew I was a kid trying to graduate! For this reason I kept doing my work with Mr. Aqeel and I started to put more effort in my schoolwork. I am still lazy about doing work, but I do like that I am doing better.

I am in the process of trying to graduate this year. Earlier this year I got distracted and was too talkative to focus on school. Even though I am still getting into trouble for having an attitude and talking back, I have begun to do some homework. I would like to go to Oakland Technical High School next year, but it depends on how I do this semester.

Two Fridays ago there was an award ceremony that I received recognition at. I was awarded three awards including one for English, History, and Physical Education. I was happy because all my work paid off. My friends were jealous because they did not get any awards, and I did. Even though my friends were jealous, my mother and family were proud, including me. I have been through a lot this year, especially in the end, but I am improving. I have found a lot of help this year. A lot of people have spent a lot of time with me, which makes me feel cared about. I have appreciated all my teachers’ help recently, and I really hope I graduate.

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thats really cool kid