Thursday, June 10, 2010


by AB

In my eighth grade year, everything was great and cool. I would be hanging out with my friends and we would just act stupid and play fight most of the time. It was all great… until some mess started.

One day, at 4th period, it was time for us to get dressed for P.E. One of my friends was just walking around when this other girl, the cousin of another girl at our school, came over trying to smash on her like she’s somebody, even though she’s really not. She went up to her saying, “Is you trying to smash on my cousin, saying that you the real wife of this boy? If I wanted to fight you, I would’ve just said it!” And some other stuff.

So my friend smashed back on her, saying, “Yes I did!” And then we all came over trying to see what the situation was, because it really wasn’t that serious. They were about to fight over a boy. So my friend said, “Well, your cousin need to come over and defend for herself, because it’s between me and her.” The other girl said she didn’t care, and then some other people started coming over to see what was happening. Finally, the other girl walked off, saying, “Oh well, just keep my cousin’s name out your mouth.”

Then her best friend jumped in, and said, “That’s not what she said! All she said is I want to drop the mess!” I tried to calm her best friend down, but then her best friend started smashing, saying, “Oh well, I don’t care. It’s between them two. Let them two handle it, didn’t nobody say you had to jump in it.” After that it was all over.
I was glad it didn’t turn into a fight, because like I said, it really wasn’t that serious. I think if a fight had started, someone would have gotten seriously hurt or killed, and it’s just not worth it for some boy.

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