Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Boring, fun, and frustrating

by YoungSoup

My winter break was boring, fun, and frustrating. It was boring because all I did was watch TV. It was fun because I spent the night at my cousin's house and went to a party. It was frustrating because my bike got stolen. Here are some more details about my break.

It was boring because I didn't have much to do. All I did when I got bored was watch TV laying down. Sometimes I got so bored I cleaned the house without anyone asking me to. When I was sick of watching TV and cleaning, I would just go to sleep. However, even though most of my break was boring, there was one part that wasn't.

Spending the night at my cousin's house was fun. First, we had a party for New Year's Eve. After everyone else went to sleep, my cousin and I stayed up all night watching TV. In the morning, we all ate breakfast together as a family- eggs, sausage, potatoes, and biscuits. I thought my break was improving, but I was wrong.

My break ended up being frustrating because my bike got stolen. I was at my cousin Greg's house. I left it under the stairs inside the gate because I didn't think anyone would take it, since he lives in an apartment. We went up to play video games, and when we came out, both our bikes were gone. My auntie was really mad, since she just bought it for me for Christmas. When I told her what happened, she said “That's a hundred dollars, wasted.” I realized I hadn't paid attention like I should have, and I had been irresponsible.

So overall, my break was boring, fun, and also frustrating. Not having anything to do at home made the break boring. Spending New Years Eve at my cousin's house was fun. Getting my new bike stolen because of my own actions was definitely very frustrating. To tell you the truth, though, I didn't really want to come back to school when break was over.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Loud, delicious, and sleepy

By Ashley

My winter break was loud, delicious and sleepy. For it being so loud, delicious, sleepy break it was good. There where other things that could describe my break but those are some of the best words that describe it.

My break was loud because we do things that involve loud stuff and some that don’t. Like cleaning. When my family and I clean the house we turn the music up loud. Another way it was loud was that I went to a raiders game. The fans at the game were screaming and shouting. They did it because they didn’t like a play or what some one did.

It was delicious because of the food I ate. On Christmas we had macaroni & cheese, mash potatoes, turkey, greens, rolls, corn bread and to drink apple cider, soda and water. It was so delicious I was happy and full. Then we had to eat that when ever we got hungry because we had leftovers but I didn’t mind.

My break was also sleepy and that’s because I would stay up until I was barely awake then either would fall asleep on the couch or I would have enough energy to get up and walk to my bed. If I didn’t go to my bed I would not have a pillow or blanket to sleep with. I stayed up watching television. I watched television so I would not get board doing nothing.

So that’s how my break went and it was good while it lasted. That’s my story of my break. Now that you’ve heard my story what is yours.

Cold, painful, and musical


My winter break was, cold, painful, and musical. It was cold because the room was freezing. It was painful when I walked to Jack N a Box and my legs cramped up and it was musical because I got to listen to a lot of music.

This winter has been extremely cold. I had to use two blankets because there was no heater. I wore very thin clothes everyday because I was too lazy to put on anything warm. It wasn’t very warm in my house.

It was painful because on Saturday night I went for a walk to go to Jack N a Box and I had to walk five blocks to get there. When I got there I had to wait in a fifteen-minute line for my order. Then, I got my food and walked all the way home and boy was I tired.

My winter break was musical because I listened to a lot of music. I had my radio on all the time. I listened to my mom’s Ipod shuffle also, I went on “youtube”. I put songs on my mom’s Ipod shuffle from itunes and lime wire, it took a while to do because of the Internet connection. It didn’t have any service at times. Lastly, I played songs on my violin like: Hunter’s Chorus”, “Patapan”, “Dance of the Reed Flutes”, and “Celtic Dance”.

So, here is how my winter break was cold, painful, and musical. All of it was pretty enjoyable and even though some of my break was kind of plain, I am thankful to have what I had and I hope you had a great one too!

Fun and exciting


My winter break was fun and exciting. First I had a good time with my family on Christmas day. I got clothes ,shoes and a xbox 360 and money for chistmas. And the other days I played my xbox 360 and my favorite game madden 10 I played it for three days straight.

Then I played my brother in madden 10 and I beat him 2 times in a row he can never beat me . And thats what I did for my first week.

My second week I did nothing but spend my week at my cusins house and played more video games with my cusins and stayed over their for half a week and then I went back home and played basketball with my friends and for my last 2 days of my winter break was kinda of fun but I still had a good time with my cusins.

But some of my winter break it got kind of boring to me because I did not do that much for my winter break usually I do more for my winter break like skating and going to the movies.

But thats how I spend my winter break. This winter break was worst winter break I ever had but I had fun.

Fun, relaxing, and exciting

by FR

My winter break was fun, relaxing and exciting. It was fun when I visited my cousin’s house. It was relaxing because I got a lot of rest. It was exciting because we did not have to go to school.

I had fun at my cousin’s house. We played video games. We went to the mall to buy new games. Last thing we did was go to see a movie.

It was relaxing because I saw my bed more than usual. I slept late every morning. Sometimes I watched TV, and I played video games when I was bored.

It was exciting because I didn’t have school. Yeah! I had no homework over winter break. With no classes to go to and no homework, I had more time to myself.

This is what I did during my winter break. So now tell me what you did during yours.

Ffun, special and relaxing.

by WY

My winter break was fun, special and relaxing.

It was fun because i was playing videos games with my friends in San Francisco. We were playing FIFA10 ( A SOCCER GAME) on the ps3 system. After playing video game we went to a party where so many people where there, we had so much fun.

It was special because i went to church with my whole family. We dance n enjoyed the music. After church we went to our family's house, n for the first time most of my family members were there we also ate a lot of food.

My winter break was also relaxing because when i wasn't doing something or hanging with my friends i was laying down in y bed texting or sleeping.

I really had fun this winter break I hope next year be the same or better.


by IB

My winter break was very boring. I didn’t really do anything until new years. On new years I went to my mom’s friend house. My vacation was boring because I got in trouble, so I couldn’t see my friends. I was also sad over my break because I didn’t get anything for Christmas.

One thing I did over break was talk on the phone. I talked to family and friends almost 24/7. Most of the time I would just sit on the phone and not even talk. My vacation wouldn’t have been as good if I didn’t have my phone.

Another thing I did over the break was go on MySpace. On MySpace I could instant message people and look at pictures of people. I also met many new people. I also got to talk to friends at different schools. MySpace made my break a little less boring.

The last thing I did was lay in bed. This was the best part of my vacation because I didn’t have to wake up at a certain time. I also had a chance to get a lot of sleep. But I was on the phone most of the time so I didn’t sleep that much.

My vacation was really boring, but it wasn’t the worse. I think if I would have spent more time with my friends it would have been better. But that was my vacation and I hoped u enjoyed reading it.


by The Hatter

My winter beak was cold. It was cold for three reasons, all of which are related to the locations at which I spent my vacation.

The first reason: I spent one week in Nice, France. Nice was windy and rainy most of the time, which was surprising as Nice is usually warm, even in the winter. But this year, it was freezing.

The second reason: I spent one week in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. The entire East Coast was just recovering from a fearsome blizzard that lasted three days, but the weather was not going to let up anytime soon. It snowed and rained the entire time I was there, and the wind chill made the temperature seem like -50°F.

The third reason: I spent a lot of my time in airports and airplanes, travelling to and from places. They were all very cold, despite the common assumption that such people-plentiful places are hot and stuffy. Au contraire! As a matter of fact, I had to wear my heavy brown coat the whole time.

My winter break was very cold. Nice, Bala Cynwyd, and the airports and airplanes were all very cold. But it is winter, after all.

Boring, relaxing, and exciting

by DJ

My winter break was boring, relaxing, and exciting. I did a lot of things over the break. I’m Glad that we got a two week break. Having two weeks off was wonderful I got to do a lot without school work.

At the beginning of the break it was boring because I didn’t have anything to do. Most of my family was barely at the house, my mom had to go to work and my brother had to go to work also. Being at home by myself was really boring because I couldn’t talk to no one, so most of the time I spent a lot of time on the phone when I got bored.

Toward the middle of the break, my break started to get relaxing because everybody stayed at home and I had more company. Over the break I ate lots of good foods. My mom cooked my favorite food, sea food gumbo. I got to play a lot of new video games that my nephew and I got for Christmas such as NBA 2k10, call of duty 4, DJ hero, and etc. After Christmas I stayed in and got some rest because I was tired and I knew that I wasn’t going to be home on New Year’s.

Getting towards the end of the break I had a lot of fun and it was excited. It was fun because I got 2 go shopping and get whatever I wanted. I got to go to my cousin’s house in West Oakland and I got to hang out with them. I was really happy that we didn’t have to go to school.

I suggest that you should eat your favorite food, rest, play new video, go shopping, and visit your cousins over the break.

Fun, exciting, and interesting

by PrettyGurlDeija

My winter break was fun, exciting, and interesting. It was fun because I got paid. It was exciting because I went to a New Years party. I had also went to a Christmas party which was interesting.

This is why I was having fun. I was having fun because I babysat my play sister. While I stayed at her house I got to eat all the food I wanted, I was also rewarded with a $50 dollar gift card for my good grades last semester and I also met someone new, and they were my auntie’s boyfriend kids.

This is why having a new years party with my family was fun. I got to see my family, had a dance contest and I talked to my boyfriend, then it was time for the countdown to new years and something bad happened….!!!!!!!!......my cousin had stole my babysitting money. But even though that happened I still made the best of my new year’s.

On Christmas day I had went to my godparents’ house and we had exchanged gifts. While exchanging gifts I got to see all of my family and I got to have a good time. After the gifts were opened and everybody ate the Christmas dinner we had a dance contest and after that I got my hair done but I ended up loosing the dance contest and I finally went home and opened my gifts and ended my Christmas in bed.

That’s why my winter break was fun, exciting, and interesting. Maybe you should try it with your family next year, thank you for reading my recipe to winter break.


by MG

My winter break was boring, all I did was stay in the house, complete some homework, sleep and eat. It was boring because I have been staying with my auntie in this boring town called Oakley. It’s boring to me because I don’t know anybody out there and I don’t go to school out here also.

The first week I did nothing but stayed in bed and watched movies and ate lots of candy. After that I would get up and play Band Hero on the Nintendo WII with my brother Issiah, sister Sierrah and Cousins Jaeda and Anthony.

On Christmas Eve my sister, brother and cousins went to midnight mass with our grandfather at St. Columbus Church. It is from 12:00am till 2:00am, and after church we always go to Denny’s to eat breakfast. It’s a family tradition that we have been doing since we stop believing in Santa Claus.

The next day was Christmas and I got to open my gifts. I received some pajamas, clothes, and what I really wanted a hot pink digital camera for Christmas. My granny cooked Gumbo with lots of shrimp and my favorite crab in it. My mom made her sweet potatoes, collard greens, and my aunt Kim made corn bread stuffing and the turkey. We had a good mean and I ate until I was stuffed.

Then I went back to boring old Oakley later that week. I spent New Year’s Eve with my family. It was my cousin Anthony’s birthday. I stayed home with my family; we ate finger foods and my mom always makes us special drinks. After eating I went to sleep, so I didn’t get to see the ball drop. My mother, auntie and brother did, sierrah also went to sleep. When I woke up my mom told me happy New Year and 2010 was here.

Soothing, needed, and tiring

by CC

My winter break was soothing, needed, and tiring. First of all, it was soothing because I slept in most of the time. Also, it was needed because it’s always good to have a break from school. Last but not least, it was also very tiring because of the parties I went to. But, I haven’t told the whole story yet.

I slept like a baby throughout the whole break. The first thing I did when I got home Friday, I went straight to my bed. I laid there for about an hour relaxing, and then I took a really long nap. I slept peacefully for about the first week, it was great. It was as if I really deserved that break.

My head was pounding the week before the break, but then came break to the rescue to alleviate my headaches. That break was probably the most needed break of all time. The week before break, I stayed up all night working on a project for Ms. Thaler’s class. I had stayed up to make the finishing touches on the project. I didn’t really sleep much after that, but when I went to sleep it felt as if I only went to sleep for about thirty minutes. As soon as break came around, I slept all I wanted. Well at least for the most part. But that ended around the second week of break.

Around the second week of break, I became restless again. The second week was so tiring; the parties I went to were basically all nighters. I danced the whole time, and that made me even more tired. And for once in my life I felt super exhausted.

Well my break had all the elements of an okay break. I hope yours was a better break, or not. What do I care? Or I hope you had a worse break, to make me feel better.

Fun, happy, and productive

By SoAy96

My winter break was fun, happy, and productive. It was fun because I got to go over my little cousins’ house to play with them. It was happy because I got to see my older cousin I haven’t saw in two years. And lastly it was productive because I got a lot of things done.

First, my winter break was happy. It was happy because I got to see my older cousin. I haven’t seen him in two years. His name is Raheem. When he arrived at my grandmas’ house he was happy to see me. When he saw me he said” girl, you got so big over the years.” When he said that it made me smile from ear to ear. He stayed at my house for three hours.

Secondly, my time off was productive. It was productive because I got a lot of things done. The first thing I got done was I brought myself some new shoes. The shoes I got were Nike Blazers. The design is in the form of a Rubrics Cube. The second thing I got done was downloading songs on my ipod. Some of the songs I didn’t want but some I did. I have 96 songs, one movie, and 16 pictures.

Lastly, my break was fun. It was fun because I got to go to Dublin to see my little cousins. When I got there the first thing I did was go upstairs to play the Wii with my youngest cousin Kaleal. We played the game Shaun Whites Snowboarding Tournament. I beat him three games in a row. Then I quit. Then I went back downstairs to play Super Mario Brothers with my other cousin Chrys. He beat me five games out of seven. I had a great time over there.

My winter break was fun, happy, and productive. I hope your break was better than mine. Although this sounds fun it was quite boring.

Fun, scary, and exciting

by EB

My winter break was fun, scary and exciting. I felt the excitement in the air, the love and the thrill, just there to make my break better. I was not happy for all of my trip, but I was sustainable.

My winter break was fun because I went to Disneyland. I had only been there once and my favorite ride then was Indiana Jones. The hotel room (Paradise Pier) was so cool. It had a safe in every room, two TVs and a three fridges. But to our surprise, even though we could see the theme park just outside our window, it took fifteen minutes to walk there.

But it was scary because I went paint balling. I had to play against the hornets. The pros. I got many welts, but I gave more than I got. I was added in as a pro, then given a plaque to show I was an honorable honey hornet (they call the girls that).

When I got home, I drank some tea, I think they call it twig tea, but it tasted like peppermint and bubble gum. At around twelve I got so tired that I had to go to sleep before I passed out on the couch.

I was excited on solstice, because I got to go on many hikes to find mushrooms and berries, I even found a few fairie rings (cut down tree stumps with green twigs growing around it.)

When I got home, being the only Wiccan in my family, we didn’t have a huge dinner or a party, but I got new backpacking gear and a few cool toys. Being a Wiccan is hard because people think you are a witch, but we are not here to bring the devil back, we are here to show and see the true beauty of mother earth.

Exciting, relaxing, and fun

By Swagga Blog

Wow! My winter break was full of excitement, relaxation and fun.

My winter break was a vacation I would never forget. It was a heart-rushing, video game playing vacation of my life. The day my two week vacation started it was the beginning of a life with no appointments or school work.

First it started on Christmas morning, when I jumped out of my bed quickly and sprinted to the living room to open my presents. The first present I opened was my PlayStation 3 (PS3). The second present I opened were my two brand new video games for my PlayStation 3 and they were NBA 2K10 and BATMAN ARKHAM ASYLUM. My third and last present was a new outfit from Anchor Blue, because on Christmas Eve I had opened a brand new iPod that I got because my old ipod had been washed in the washing machine. Later in the afternoon, my parents and I went to my grandma's house to visit my cousins, aunties and uncles. All of my cousins received a present from my parents and I received a present from my grandma, uncles and aunties. At my grandma's house we ate Christmas dinner, took pictures and played games all night. This is only the beginning of my winter break.

Next during my winter break, it was quiet and relaxing because I stayed the weekend over my grandma's house playing my game with my cousins. The second thing that was relaxing was that on Monday my cousin came to my house to spend a day. On Tuesday, my cousin and I went to the Century Movie Theater to see the movie "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel!" This was the most relaxing part of my winter break due to the fact that nobody had any special appointments or meetings.

Last, but not least, the fun part jumps in because on New Year's Eve my parents and I went to church for a New Year's Eve Celebration. On New Year's Day it was the day of our party. We were up all morning and afternoon, cleaning the house, ironing our clothes and trying to make the house spotless for our relatives. Our guest arrived in the evening, my cousins, aunties, uncles and grandma came to eat gumbo, socialize and to have a fun time. When the party ended I stayed the night at my grandma's house with my cousins. I stayed up all night playing my PlayStation 3.

This is my winter break and it was a lot of excitement, relaxation and fun from the beginning to the end by playing my new game system, going to the movies, relaxing with my cousins and having a party. I look forward to reading your story to hope you had as much fun as I had.

Exciting, relieving, and festive

by Milkman

My winter break was exciting, relieving, and festive. Many things happened, I got a break from school, and I saw many people. It was great.

My winter break was very exciting. It was eventful, so I was never bored. For example, I visited my family in Southern California. We didn’t stay for very long, but everyone still had a lot of fun. I also went shopping for music, shoes, and more using money I got for Christmas. Then my family stayed up through New Years and celebrated the new year. Throughout my break, there was always something for me to do.

Winter break was relieving as well. Unlike during school year, I was able to sleep in. I really needed to catch up on my sleep, and I took full advantage of the opportunity. I also was able to hang with my friends without the gloom of school and homework hanging over our heads. It was much more fun to hang out with no worries. I also was able to do things with my family, like play sports and watch TV. Christmas gave me a long overdue break from school.

Lastly, with all the people and decorations, my break was very festive. My family had an after Christmas party, and lots of people came. Overall, people were in a generally good mood, which contributed to the festivity. We also celebrated a lot with presents and great food.

My winter break was full of events, no school, and festivities. It was exciting and relieving too. I hope next year’s winter break is just as good.

Calming, exhilarating and fun

by Sleepy Karl

My winter break was calming, exhilarating and fun. Before Christmas, none of my friends were in Oakland, so I just hung around the house with my sister Mavis. On Christmas I got to open all of my great presents and my relatives came over. After Christmas, my friend Dylan visited from Maryland and I got to go to a high quality hotel in San Francisco.

Before Christmas, I had about an entire week of down time. I spent my time hanging out with my sister, watching movies, and eating homemade cookies. I also spend time cruising around on my longboard. I rode around and around in the D.M.V. parking lot until they shut off the streetlights.

On Christmas Eve my break became very exciting. We got to open one present each early. I ended up getting the exact videogame that I wanted. On Christmas morning, I got almost every present I wanted. I got new longboard wheels, PF Flyers Glide shoes and the yoyo factory protostar yoyo. I got even more presents when my relatives came. We had a wonderful day with an awesome dinner.

After Christmas all of my friends started to come back from their trips to L.A., and Lake Tahoe. But not only did my close friends come back, but my friend Dylan who moved to Maryland came to visit for a week. We walked around all day, cracking jokes, and playing Airsoft. Although I had less time to hang out with Dylan, I was very happy to hear that my mom planned a surprise trip to Hotel Nikko in San Francisco. There was a T.V. in the mirror of the bathroom. There was even surround sound in the bathroom.

My winter vacation was calming, exhilarating, and fun. I got presents on Christmas, hung out with my sister. Now that I have told you about my break, get busy and write your essay.

Fun, laid-back, and exciting

by Joey Bagadonuts

My winter break was fun, laid-back, and exciting. It was fun because I got to go to lots of parties. Also, it was laid-back because I was really lazy. In addition, it was exciting because I got to be with my friends. My winter break was pretty awesome for several reasons.

Over break, I had a lot of fun. I got to go to several parties. I went to a party with my cousin around Christmas that was really cool, one on New Years Eve (my favorite) and one on New Years day. The one on New Years Eve was super fun and there were a lot of people I knew there. I had a lot of friends at each party so no matter what I was going to have a good time.

My break was also really laid-back. When I wasn’t at a party, I was pretty lazy. I was in my pajamas as much of the week as possible. One day, I didn’t even wake up until 1:30 in the afternoon. Even though some parts of my break went a little slow, it was still relaxing.

My break also had lots of really exciting times as well. The biggest was seeing my friend from Maryland. It was the first time I’d seen him since he moved away. He stayed at my house for a week and we hung out a lot. We stayed up late and slept in quite a few times. He also came with me to some of the parties.

My break was awesome, relaxing, and I had a blast. I went to some really great parties and I got to see my friends. Also, I got to just hang out and chill. My break was really fun and I hope your next break is too.

Tiring, exciting, and lazy

By Da'Vine

My winter break was tiring, exciting, and lazy. It was tiring because I wanted to make tons of scarves. It was exciting because I got to hold my new baby cousin Lucy. It was lazy because after Christmas I barely left the house. My break went well and I did many things.

During the break I made many scarves for my Christmas presents. After many scarves were done my hands started to hurt. In addition to using my yarn I got to get new yarn. Even though I had tons of time to make all the scarves I had to finish one on Christmas morning. When I gave them out I felt really good.

My most exciting thing about my winter break was when I got to see my new baby cousin Lucy. On Christmas Eve I was the designated holder of Lucy. Everyone wanted to hold her. They were always coming over to her just to play with her. By the end of the night everyone became very fond of her. It made my Christmas when I got to know her.

By the day after Christmas my family and I became very lazy. All we did most of the time was stay in the house. While sitting around I had time to play Mario galaxy on my families Wii. I got really far on it. The only time I was to go out of my house was to go shopping, to Avatar, and Sherlock Holmes. Also to the Flea market, which is really, close to my house. Then my break was over like that.

Over my winter break it was tiring, exciting, and lazy. I got really tired from making so many scarves. Getting to bond with Lucy was very exciting for me. Being lazy and laid back was another big highlight of my break. Every winter break I am always looking forward to it. My whole family comes together and we get a lot out of it.

Exhilirating, fun, and motivating

By 6tabdanger

My winter break was exhilarating, fun, and motivating. In this essay I am going to share with you the activities and the lessons I learned. You will soon find out the amazing things that you may want to know. Get ready, get set and prepare for my essay.

A reason why my winter break was exhilarating is because I spent time with my friends. We played a lot of football and this game called “Zombie! Zombie!” and this game called Missions. Zombie Zombie is a game where there are two people are zombies and if you get tagged you are a zombie. Every man has to hold his own. Missions are a game when basically we run around and act like we are the army. These are some reason why my winter break was fun.

I also got an Xbox 360 Elite. I played this game called Modern Warfare 2. I beat the game in less than 2 days. I played for 15 hours nonstop. One of my neighbors taught me how to play online with people around the world. I’m already level 20. This is the reason why my winter break was exhilarating.

Last but not least my break was motivating. My dad and I talked about college and about associating myself with the right people. We talked about future careers and things I should try to major in during college. I learned that people that I hang around with could bring me down. I also learned that my education is important.

So maybe your winter break was as good as mine. Or maybe it wasn’t as good. If you need to spice it up a bit go out and get active with your friends. You could play Zombie Zombie or even something as simple as football. Maybe you should get Modern Warfare 2 and try to beat It. Or you could just sit down and talk to you family.

Fun, exciting, and very interesting

by Holmie

My winter break was fun, exciting, and very interesting. It was fun because I had a cookie baking party. A reason why it was exciting was because I went to boot camp. I also thought it was very interesting because many other things happened along the way. The break was long, but not long enough.

It was fun because I had a cookie baking party. There were about ten people there including a teacher and about four other parents. We baked hundreds of cookies of all different types. We had ginger bread, chocolate, sugar and chocolate chip. After baking, we decorated them all. While that was all fun, I did even better things.

My break was very interesting because many different things happened. The first couple of days, I help my grandad set up an electric train set. I learned some new things cause he's a scientist and he likes to talk. Christmas was fun because I got many things I wanted such as a new, home-made loft bed. Although this was all fun and interesting, the best had yet to come.

The best part of my break was boot camp, or recruit training. It was a nine day evolution so it was jam packed with information and PT. We (the recruits) were woken up rudely at 0500 (5:00 a.m.) every morning by banging dust pans and Dis yelling, “ On the line now! Move it! Get outta those racks!” I didn't know what to expect going in so I was very nervous. That was by far the best part of break.

The highlights of my break were baking party, train building and recruit training. All were fun, interesting, and exciting in their own way. All in all, I had a great winter break but wish it could have been longer.

Fun, relaxing, and weird

by WahhBAM

My winter break was fun, relaxing and weird. It was fun because I hung out with my best friend, Sarah. It was relaxing because I spent time with my family. It was weird because I woke up with green hair. Wait, until you hear about the details.

On the day when break officially started, my mom drove me to my best friend, Sarah's, house in Vallejo, so I could hang out with her for four fun days! Sarah had a pool party for her birthday, and it was off the hook! Lots of our friends came, and we swam in her enormous backyard swimming pool. I did a lot of cannonballs and back flips in the water! Besides her party, we also went Christmas shopping together. We tried on lots of outfits even though we knew we weren't going to buy anything for ourselves. The remaining two days with her, we made awesome 30 minutes action video clips. We burned them onto DVDs and wrapped them as gifts for some of our friends and relatives. It was a blast staying in Vallejo with Sarah!

Another thing I did over break was spending time with my family, and it was very relaxing. My dad, mom and I hung out at home and watched lots of old black and white movies. Charlie Chaplin's movies were the best because they had us laughed so hard! On Christmas, my grandma had a big warm family dinner. I loved the food, and it was great how all my relatives came together to have fun. The day after Christmas my long distant cousins came to the U.S. from Australia, and we went bowling! It was really fun. Having fun with my family was very relaxing.

Last, but not least, the strangest and most memorable thing that ever happened to me over break was waking up with green hair! I remember clearly that the night I went to sleep before this happened, I was tucked comfortably under my warm blanket. Instead, the next morning, I woke up lying on the floor! I was really weirded out and extremely exhausted as usual when I get wake up. I went into the bathroom and in the mirrowr was a green-headed girl! I screamed and ran into my room. Then, I saw a dog sleeping on my bed with my blanket and pillow! I was freaked out, and I thought that my life had somehow turned to be like Lindsay Lohan's life in Freaky Friday. Five minutes later, my cousins jumped out to laugh at me, and said it was all a prank. I took a shower, and (thank goodness) I was able to wash all the green stuff out of my hair. Though it was just a prank, the feeling of waking up to find yourself radically changed is just plainly freaky and weird.

I really loved this year's winter break because it was very fun, relaxing and weird all at the same time. I was able to experience many thrilling feelings and had great joy during the holiday break.

Fun, relaxing, and exciting

By Savieoso

My winter break was fun, relaxing, and exciting. Let me tell you why it was fun. My break was fun because I chilled with my family and texted my friends on the phone and on MySpace. We talked about anything that came to mind. Me and my girlfriend hung out on some of the weekends an chilled together. alot of interesting stuff happened on the weekends. It was also fun because I had got two new video games for my ps3.

My break was exciting because I was eager to see what I got for Christmas and I got new clothes games and shoes. I also got some money in a Christmas card an it had 3 kfc 1$ certificates and a baskin robbin certificate which was for 2 dollars worth of ice cream. I kind of stayed in the house during the break because I was hooked on to my video game. Its sooooo addicting I was glued to it.

My break was relaxing because I stayed up all night and slept in all day. I ate a lot of great food an hung with my friends and with my girlfriend. I was warm in my house because we kept the heater on an I stayed in a blanket. On Christmas day we all went out to concord to my step dads cousins house. We talked all night an ate great food. I took a lot of pictures in the bathroom of me and my shoes. My shoes were glowing because of the light reflect off my shoes. And I sent those pictures to my friends.

The last week of break went by very fast for some reason. I didn’t think about school that much so I jus tried to keep my mind off of it most of the time so I just played my ps3 and texted. When the weekend before school started I was kinda sad because I wasn’t ready to go back and deal with all that home and class work. I was just used to having fun for the past two weeks. So my friend kai came over that weekend and we stayed up playing with our tech decks and I was texting my girl. We stayed up all night talking about paranormal activity (the movie). An I was getting the chills talking about it because it was scary kind of.

The Friday school was out me and Tyrone, Ali, Romello, Brandon, and my girlfriend went to downtown Oakland. And there was this dude on the bus bothering us because we was hitting this thing where we hold on to. And he was getting mad at every little thing we did like we was just talking an having fun and he just kept saying things to us. So when we got off the bus we all flipped him off an he got off the bus and out of all the people he goes to little Tyrone and pushed him into the wall and choked him a little bit. Then he start cussing at him an then Tyrone called the police on him an dude hopped back on to the bus an the police came an we gave him a description of what he looked like an what he did. Then after that was done we all went skateboarding and I just stayed with my girlfriend.

Well that’s what happened over my whole break and I hope you liked it. And I’m out!!

Boring and repetitive, yet rockin

by Corporal Afro

My winter break was boring and repetitive, yet rockin.It was boring because I stayed home most of the time.It was repetitive because I did the same thing everyday.It was Rockin because I played video day and night.Now I know you wanna hear about it,so let's get started.

My winter break was boring because I stayed home most of the time,when I stayed home all I did was play video game all day,everyday I are the same thing everyday too,Cup Noddle.Playing Video games all day by myself made me lonely.Not only was my winter break boring,but it was also repetitive.

It was repetitive because I did the same thing everyday.I'd start by waking up 7 o'clock,give or take a couple minutes.Then I played video games ALL day,either just rockin out alone or playing online.Then I went to bed at 11,slept 8 hours and repeated the gay all over again.However,although my break was boring and repetitive it was also Rockin!

My break was rockin because I played Rock Band day and night.I would usually play online.I would always play bass because i was really good at it,I would ALWAYS play on Expert.You could even say i slappadabeassmawn.I played Rock Band for most of my break, probably 75% and probably 10% sleeping(15% eating).

My winter break had a lot to it, boredom, repetitiveness and Rockitude. Most of my break I spent my time at my house.When i stayed at the house the majority of the time,I played Rock Band all day and all night.Hopefully you were up and active outside your house more than I was because if you weren't that's just sad.

Busy, delicious, and fun

by Queen4aDay

My winter break was very busy, but also delicious and fun. It was busy because I was constantly doing things like traveling and skiing. It was delicious because I had lots of good food. It was fun because I went SKIING! I bet you want to know more about my winter break already!

Traveling and skiing made me very busy. I had to leave for New Mexico the day after break ended, and soon had to leave to travel again to Snowmass, Colorado. In Snowmass, I had to get up really early to go skiing, and go to sleep just as early so I could get enough sleep. What I didn’t have was time to just rest. However, there were good parts of my vacation too.

One of the good parts of my vacation was the delicious food. In New Mexico, I had burritos smothered in green chili, which is just like heaven, but spicier. I also had Kielbasa (kill-bah-see) (I have no idea why it’s spelled like that), which is an amazing Slovakian sausage. In Snowmass, there was a restaurant on the mountain called Up 4 Pizza that has the most amazing chocolate-chip cookies on earth, although they are quite fall-aparty. But that wasn’t the best thing about my vacation.

The best thing about my vacation was that I went skiing. For the first time, I was able to ski Extreme Terrain, which is really fun. Also, I had an awesome ski school class, and made lots of friends. The best part was, I got to completely tire out my dad, who, for some reason, doesn’t find skiing near-endless 80-degree slopes all day to be fun.

As you can see, although my winter break was busy, it was very delicious and fun. Although I had almost no downtime, I got great food and got to go SKIING! I think that everyone should eat good New Mexican/Slovakian/Chocolate-Chip Cookie food and go skiing for their winter break, except not really, since then there’d be no food or space on the mountain for me.

Fun, productive and warming

by Line Rider

My winter break was fun, productive and warming. It was fun because I went to L.A. It was productive because I did math and wrote a short story. It was warming because I visited family and friends down in L.A. This was an enormously good break and you are about to find out why.

L.A. was fun because there were a lot of cafes and shops. Oh, and good restaurants. The smells from the kitchen in one of the cafes was so strong, I could taste it. The streets were like a part of a maze. I got lost (give or take) three times. The sights were a beauty, though. Especially this crackhead on 5th and Down Street. Ha-ha.

The writing was productive because I wrote a long story. It was about an Arabian bazaar, but I cannot tell you more about it. The thoughts swam through my head like fishes. The pencil was my fishing rod and my page was the vast ocean………. Best sentence EVAR!

Last, but not least, my break was warming because I got to see my family. All three billion of them, plus my six million cousins. They gave me presents, food, and parties. And a headache… which sucked. But, everything else was good especially the food, mostly because my dad wasn’t cooking it. HAHA.

So, I hope that gives you an idea of what my cool, spiffy, [REDACTED] (Just Kidding) break was like. The writing was a little complicated and L.A. was easy to get lost in, but my family totally kicks butt. So that’s my break and you should do what I did ………….. get lost 400 miles away from home.

Fun, awesome, and boring

By Pink-Kisses09

My winter break was fun, awesome, and boring . It was fun because first I went bowling with Alondra and Marri . It was awesome because after I went bowling with them I talked on the phone for hours. I was back and forth on the phone with Kimmie and Taco. And it was boring because I was stuck babysitting on a Saturday.

Okay so first my break was so boring because I had to stay in house for four days to babysit. then I had to fix them something everytime they were hungry! I had to wake up so early before them. I could barely have any sleep. And I feel asleep on them a few times. And my room was a mess when they left.

Next my break was fun. Because i went bowling with Alondra and Marri. on that day I found out that I was a bad bowler. When it was my turn all I did was throwing the ball because the scores mad me mad. But I did have fun out of everything. I had a big burger with a size of alot of fries! ahaha that tasted so good!!!

Lastly,, my break was awesome!!!! After all of the boring babysiting and the fun bowling I talked on the phone for hours! I loved being on the phone with my friends. I haven't been socializing with my friends like i used to. I was on the phone with Taco for 30 mins. Then i was on the phone with Kimmie for about four hours.

My winter break was boring,, Awesome,, and Fun! It was boring because I had to stay in the house for the longest. It was awesome because I barely texed on my phone mostly calling. And it was Fun because i hung out with my friends until it got dark. Well there goes my break in words. I hope my winter break wasn't to boring for you.



MY winter break was boring. All I did was work, played the same game , and I did not go anywere. When I was younger I watched my older cousin work around my grandmas house. I knew that when I turned 13 I would be the one to work all the time. I was right.

The reason why I had to work around the house because Christmas was coming up. The stuff that I worked on around the house were things like set up the tree, vacuum the carpet, and help my uncle get ready for his Christmas party. When I was working it was for a good cause.

Playing NBA 2K9 was fun at first but after a couple of days it got boring. I would have played something else but all the other games I beat on the X box 360.Right after the 5 day of playing 2k9 I lost the playoffs so I got mad and cut it off and said “ I am never playing 2k9 again.” So I asked my step uncle to get me 2K10.

The Reason I did not go any were that weekend is every place I tried to go to was closed. Like the library that is one of my favorite places to go with my cousin. I basically learned how to draw there to so I really wanted to go. My cousin and I left the house and we wasn't thinking about it being closed on Christmas break.

I guess what my essay is about is staying home for 2 weeks, playing the same game, and working for half of the break. I think I learned something those 2 weeks. That is when you get older you barely get presents and you have to work a lot.

Loving, tasty, and relaxing

by AP

My winter break was loving, tasty, and relaxing. It was loving because I got to spend a lot of time with family and friends. It was tasty because I got to eat a lot of gumbo and a lot of other traditional holiday foods. It was relaxing because I got a lot of rest and pampering. I really enjoyed my winter break, it was fun!

Over my winter break, I got a chance to reconnect and bond with friends and family. On the first day of winter break, I stayed home with my mom. For the next few days, I spent it with three of my little cousins. For Christmas, me and my mom stayed at home and watched the "Yule Log" and bonded. For the last couple of days of break, my best friend, my cousin and I, spent those days shopping at the Serramonte Mall and having a big New Years slumber party.

Over my winter vacation, I got to eat a lot of my favorite foods. They were tasty. I ate gumbo, greens, cornbread, and my favorite, smothered turkey wings.. I also ate my first cheesesteak. Although it wasn't the best, it still tasted good and I liked it very much.When I went over to my best friend's house, my best friend and I made apple turnovers from scratch. They came out so wonderful! They were so delicious, that everyone didn't even get a chance to try them.

Throughout all of the fun things over the winter break, I still got a lot of rest. I slept and slept, until I didn't want to sleep anymore. One time, I even woke up as late as three o'clock in the afternoon! I also got a lot of pampering. I got great facials, pedicures, manicures, massages and my hair done! It was so relaxing.

When I was on my winter break, it was amazing! I experienced and absolutely adored, new and old traditional holiday foods. I spent a lot of time with family and friends.. I shared many laughs and I got to relax at the same time. Now that you've read my essay, I hope this shows you just how much I love the holidays!!

Relieving , exciting , and fun

by Superchick

On my winter break it was relieving , exciting , and fun . On my winter break I learned & saw a lot of new things . My winter break made me think about changes . Let me tell you what happened ...

On the day I got out of school , I went to a dance at my friends school . It was so fun . My friends & I all started dancing . The Dj was playing some lame songs so people stopped dancing when he was being lame . When i got back home , I was so tired . I went straight to sleep .

On saturday , the day after the dance , my grandpa picked me up from my house to spend Christmas with him in Sacramento . We spent the whole day dropping off presents & visiting family members in Oakland . We finally got to Sacramento at like 12:00 . I went straight to my room to put my stuff away . I was so beat I had to rest a bit on my bed .

next day my cousin Ashley & I went shopping . The mall was so big & crowded . I almost couldn't find anything because , it was so big & there was too many different stores . We finally came out the mall & it was raining . We ran to her car . When i was finally at my gramps place , I was so tired .

Grandpa was taking me to Lake Tahoe & i was excited because i hadn't seen snow in forever .We set out early . Oh gosh , as my grandpa pulled up to an empty place with lots of snow , i was too excited to wait & see what he had to say & i ended up running into a restricted area & almost slipping on the snow . Smooth Zion . I had fun though . Christmas Day ! Christmas so fun , i wore a dress & I usually don't wear stuff like that , but It was a special event . Everyone was cooking & happy . The Christmas spirit was definitely there .

The next day grandpa took me back home . My break was so fun that i didn't want to come back . : }

Fun, relaxing, and competitive


My Winter Break was fun and competitive and relaxing. It was so fun because I went bowling and then to Bay St with friends for my b-day. It was competitive because I played the Wii a lot with my brothers. It was relaxing because I slept, I didn’t have to do anything and no school.

On me b-day I did so much. First I went bowling at Albany Bowl; I was the first one there. My friends that came were Patricia and Alongra. They took so long to get there. They got stuck in traffic, and then they had to go to the gas station. I was waiting there for almost an hour. So when they finally got there we played two games, I kept coming 2nd place. After when finished playing and eating. We were like we should go to Bay St to go hang out. I said ok because it was still early. We took the bus there and just were walking around looking in stores.

My Winter Break was mostly relaxing because I didn’t do much. I just stay home and call or text people. Watch TV or play with my little brother. Sometimes I would go to the store. On Christmas we had a Christmas dinner. One of our family tradition at my house we would watch the movie, A Christmas Story on tbs. They would play it for 24 hours. Starting on Christmas eve and all on Christmas day.

It was competitive because for Christmas I got it these to video games called Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Just Dance. I played that Super Smash Bros. Brawl a lot with ma brothers. The first times I played it, I sucked at it, and my brothers were always beating me. Now that I got so good at it I’m beating them.

Well my break was good I didn’t have an excited break, but it was fun for me. So hope u have a competitive and relaxing break!

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