Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Eyes

by SA

A school filled with violence and can't-do attitude. What can I do? I imagine being one of the fortunate people who don't have to come to a school like this, who go to a school that can afford many things we can't, but no. It's just a fantasy. The things that happen in school, especially with the teachers, are unavoidable. Most of the teachers in this school are always on your case and don't leave you alone until they see a dramatic change.

This marking period I have been a bit off, and I know teachers expect more from me because, according to them, “You’re smart, and you used to be an angel and respect the teachers.” All that changed this year, either because I started to hang with the wrong crowd, or the teachers started to expect too much from me, and dealing with my home issues on top of all that was just too much for me to take in at once.

For example, one of the teachers I had a serious problem with was Mr. Smith. Every day, I would purposely try to annoy him by saying rude comments, so he would get mad and frustrated. It worked; he would constantly send me out, and I wouldn't even get mad, I would actually be happy because I would be able to get out of class and go somewhere.

All of my actions changed when one of my summer school directors came to my school and started to insist that I do better in every class. Never in my lifetime had I thought that I had people like this, in school, who cared for me and were willing to take time out of their own busy schedules to help me. Not only academically, but emotionally as well.

I started to slack off and everything started to just go bad and ever since then I'd been going downhill. Only one person—actually, two people I know-- will be there for me when I am down or have any issues.

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