Thursday, June 10, 2010

Getting Good Grades

by JH

It started when my parents saw my report card. They were furious; they said that I could do better than that. I had really low grades. The principal said I would go to summer school if I didn’t bring up my grades. I was getting low grades because I hated that school. I thought if I did badly, they would take me out of that school.

When my parents said that I wasn’t leaving that school I was mad. I didn’t talk to anybody. I was antisocial and didn’t go anywhere. I hated that school because it was stupid. We didn’t have P.E.; instead we had art. Also, their discipline and consequences were stupid. I was ready to go to a different school.

My dad and I had a talk. He told me a story about when he was in the same situation as I was. He said, “Just finish this year out, and you can go to a different school next year.” I said, “All right, I’ll do my best.” So during study hall I went to all my teachers’ classes to get makeup work. In science I had a low grade because I didn’t turn in my notebook. When I turned in my notebook I raised my grade to a B+. In math, I wasn’t doing bad; I had an A. In art I had an A, because art was easy. We didn’t have P.E.

I had a month left of school and I was failing only one class. That class was humanities. Humanities is two classes where they teach both history and English. Both classes were my worst.

They started sending stuff about summer school to people who had bad grades. You had to do more then getting a 2.0 to pass, you had to get a C or higher in every class to go to the next grade. My parents said that they were going to Texas over the summer to see our family. I wanted to go too, but I had to pass to the next grade if I was going to go- otherwise, I’d have to go to summer school instead.

All my grades were good. I just had to bring my English grade up. My English teacher told me to do a project. I did the project and raised my grade up to an A. I was happy I could go to Texas now. The teacher wrote me a letter so I could show the principal to let her know I don’t have to go summer school. My parents were happy I had a 3.56. Then I went to Texas to see my family. My hard work paid off in the end.


dez n said...

I know what failing is like

Anonymous said...

i like the intro