Thursday, June 10, 2010

An Interesting Experience

Starting Middle school! Those were the horrible words that came from my parents. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me when they mentioned about middle school. Once I started it, I understood what they meant; I was growing up and was about to learn about some truths in the life that I will always have to accept. I went from being a scared 6th grader to a mature and musical 8th grader.

The first year of Middle school was weirdly unexpected. The first day was so complicated and frustrating, because I had to adjust to having multiple classes and not just two classes in one day. My first period was band, which was the class I loved the most. According to some people, I was a musical protégée as soon as I picked up any instrument. It also was the first time I had ever been in jazz band, which was so awesome. I enjoyed only one other class that year, which happens to be the only class I remember. My 2nd period class was science. When I was in 4th grade I knew I wanted to be an astrophysicist, so I did extra credit science work and experiments. Anyway, I loved 6th grade science, and I was in the science fair for the first time, working with Bruno and Keenan, and we won! I don’t remember 6th grade being exciting, although I do remember it going by very fast.

Seventh grade was AMAZING! This is the one year I recall very well. But I only remember the same two classes. My second period class was advanced band. It was the best year of band I have ever had in school. For the first time, I was able to conduct the band at Claremont. It was also the year that our school got the highest contest score in the bay area in Benicia. We also had jazz band again that year, and went to a jazz festival. My 5th period class was life science, which I thought was a very amazing thing. By this time I was considered a nerd. This was one thing that was hard to adjust to. I started to change in this grade. I began to strive for good grades and excel in academics, which was considered nerdy by some people, I must admit. Yes, it kind of is, but calling people names for their “smart” actions is unacceptable. Not everyone is meant to fit in with everyone else, because we have different personalities, and we shouldn’t be judged for our choices.

My wonderful 8th grade year, such an amazing time in my life. This is the year I won’t forget. I got the opportunity this year to teach band and orchestra a lot more than I was able to before. No jazz band, but a very good advanced band and orchestra, woohoo! This year I got the chance to study music at The University of California, Berkeley with the Young Musicians Program; it was an excellent program that I would recommend to any of my students. I was so happy to finally have Ms.Thaler, who is so fun and talented. There is no other teacher like her. She is amazing. But I was called many names still. Physical science was a blast for me. Except, the class I was in was very disruptive. Despite that, we did lots of experiments, which I enjoyed very much.
Sixth grade was confusing. Seventh grade was hectic. Eighth grade was a blast. I believe all these experiences helped to make me the person I am today. Claremont was crazy but I had many funny moments there.


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