Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Middle School Memories

by BW

My first year at Claremont Middle School was kind of scary because I didn’t know anyone and I did not know what to expect. But then I came to find out that my cousin Jasmine was attending the same school. When I first got there, I was shy, but once I met all of my friends, I became more comfortable. My cousin was in the seventh grade but we still hung together, and at that time we were living right next door to each other, which was very exciting. The main thing I liked about sixth grade was that there was less violence then what there is now. Claremont had a gardening job program that paid $300.00 at the end of the year. Jasmine and I worked together for the gardening program, and then we split the profit. It was a good learning experience for me because now I know what it is like to have a job and get paid for it. Our duties were growing plants, selling products and separating compost, garbage and recycling. That was a fun experience for me.

Going into my seventh grade year, I wasn’t as nervous about meeting new people as I was in the sixth grade, because I was already used to the school and I had a lot of friends. After the first marking period, I unexpectedly ran into my other cousin, Unique. I was shocked because I did not know she was going to be there. I introduced her to some of my friends, we started hanging out, and I ended up having some of the same classes as her, which was pretty cool. A month or two after that, Unique ended up moving in with my mom and me, which was also pretty cool. Seventh grade was a fun year for.

At the beginning of my eighth grade year, I got familiar with my new schedule and noticed that in some of my classes, the boys were separated from girls. Meaning they have an all-boy class and an all-girl class. I personally like the classes better this way, because it seems to me that people are more focused and concentrate more on their work. My eighth grade year is easier than my sixth and seventh grade years, because to me it seems that I am doing better in my classes. My grades are better than what they used to be. The bad thing about this year is that I got suspended too many times, and my attendance is not all that great. That brought my grades down a lot. Another thing that brought my grades down was turning in my work late. Right now I am working very hard to bring my grades up so that I can graduate with the rest of my classmates.


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good essay it is pretty similar to what i have written

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this is pretty similar to what i have written