Thursday, June 10, 2010

Angelica Walker, 13 Years Old, Finally Going to the 8th Grade!

by AW

Day one, Claremont Middle School, 8th grade:
I feel pathetic because I had to ask for directions to a class that was right in front of my face. Room number 18 is the art room. I was so terrified to walk in that my knees buckled up under pressure and I couldn’t move from where I stood. I remained in awe, thinking about what I was going to do, right in front of the door, for maybe a minute or two, and then the bell rang. I hopped across the borderline of the class. Most people stopped whatever they were doing and watched me walk as fast as my nervous legs would carry me. It’s actually very ironic, you see; when we drove into my granny’s driveway, I was so overjoyed to start school and now that I’m finally in the classroom, I’m cracking under the pressure. Well, anyway, when I sat down across from a girl who appeared to be in middle school, I was offered a seat at a fuller table. (I later found out that the girl who was by herself was a helper of the teacher’s.) A girl at my table and her friend got me acquainted with the rest of their friends. When I got home, I had too much to tell my mother. I guess you could say I was officially excited about school again.

December 18th, 2009, Claremont Middle School, 8th grade:
OMFG!!!! The new kid is just my type and I’m super happy that we go out!!!! I have no idea what is going to happen with me and my other ex but I hope it turns out for the better. Anyway, I think I am going to hang with my new friends today. I’m not sure if I want to or not. They aren’t anything like the other kids I hung out with. I am not sure what to think. Well whatever is happening, I think it’s going well. Even though some people don’t like me at all, I’m still happy about where I stand with people. I have a good feeling about Claremont Middle School. It may not be Hanshew but it’s better than being a loner and everyone hating my guts. And the plus side is that even though I didn’t win the student council president election, I got into the student council anyway! The principal made me vice president!!! Yay!!!

March 11th, 2010, Claremont Middle School, 8th grade:
It’s my birthday!!! Oh, please forgive me. It’s our birthday!!! Julian and I share the same birthday, but I’m 11 hours older than he is. We both turn 14 today!!! Well, even though it’s our birthday, I am definitely not in the celebrating mood. People just have to find a reason to hate my guts. It’s almost as if the world survives to bring down Angelica Walker. Everyone left and right of me are trying to hurt me. I’m not sure what to do because, like I said, I have never had to deal with this and I have no idea how to approach the situation. I think they should disturb me and act really tough like everyone else does. No!!! I’m going to be me and they can just live the rest of their life to hate me until they forget about me or just find someone else to hate and talk about. I’m praying for people, and yea I pray. Just because I curse up a storm doesn’t mean I don’t have a faith or belief in someone.

Today, Claremont Middle School, 8th grade:
Well, it’s official. I stick out in California like a sore thumb. I am nothing like these California girls. I act weird randomly, and they get serious about stuff a lot more than I would unless I got an attitude. They also joke on people more often. I know I’m smart, but I’m too selfish to use it. I can be really cool and impress all my friends but I choose to impress no one but myself. I’m a Yupik 14 year old from the Togiak tribe in Togiak, Alaska. I am Angelica Walker.


Anonymous said...

It was descriptive and interesting

alyshar said...

i like the detail in the title.

T.H. said...

I love how you described your feelings about going to cms.