Thursday, June 10, 2010

Claremont Roosevelt Claremont

by JP

Two schools in one year. How did I ever survive? Going to Claremont to Roosevelt and back to Claremont was very stressful. Roosevelt was Hell for many reasons. I had been getting really comfortable with Claremont, until a situation happened and I was forced to leave.

The first day I went to Roosevelt, I wasn’t really nervous, but my stomach was in knots. New people plus new school all equals a fresh new start. The first thing I was looking at was the boys, and I was really impressed because they were finer than chocolate. I was thinking that the people would act as nice as they looked, but I was wrong. I started hanging with T and D. At first, they were nice, but they would talk about people and act like they were the ones who ruled the school.

I was very quiet at Roosevelt. Everyone would ask me why I was so quiet. I would just respond, “I don’t know, I’m just not that comfortable yet.” I couldn’t be my fun-loving self because of the situation at Claremont. I came home complaining every single day because I hated Roosevelt so much. My dad would always tell me “They were only testing you because you are the new girl.” I would go to school every day saying to myself, “Jae, you only have a few more months, you can do this,” but I would still come home complaining. Finally one day I begged my dad not to make me go to school and he said I could stay home. I was shocked because if I were at Claremont, he would have said no, so I knew something was up. Out of nowhere my step mom yelled, “You’re going back to Claremont!” I was so happy because I had a chance to go back to my old school with my old friends!

After spring break I came back to Claremont. Some people were happy that I was back. Some were mad, but I didn’t really care; as long as I was happy, it was good. I know one thing for sure: I was glad to leave Roosevelt.

Some people at Roosevelt asked me why I left. I always tell them I moved or I just didn’t feel like myself at Roosevelt. I didn’t just leave Roosevelt because I was not comfortable. When Ms. Crockett asked my stepmom to ask me if I wanted to go back to Claremont, I said yeah immediately.


Aries said...

this is one of the best essays that i have read ever!!

alyshar said...

no wonder your life is so interesting;