Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Middle School Life

by LS

My middle school life started off well, but I started to slip off my knowledge game by making new friends and not going after school to get extra credit. My mom always says I’m a good kid, but when I get with my friends I act up. I knew what she meant when I got to the 7th grade. But first let me tell you about my 6th grade year.

When I got out of elementary school, I was so happy. During the summer I asked my mom all day everyday what school was I going to. At the end of the summer she finally told what school I was going to. “Candells College Prep Academy.” I liked that school so much, because for some reason at a small school I get stuff explained easier. Every time we had a spelling test in class I studied the day before. Guess what? I got an A+ on every spelling test. I wish I would have kept that habit.

After school ended for the summer, I went to go to a summer camp for this school that I thought would be wack, but turned out to be cool: Oakland Military Institute. The only way you could get into the school is if you passed summer camp without getting five demerits. I didn’t have any. Instead of getting five demerits I got ten merits, which are good. Demerits are like referrals. And merits are like Caught in the Act dollars.

Since I made it through summer camp, I thought that I would have made it through the regular school year. If you had 40 demerits, you got kicked out the school. There was one time when I had 39 demerits, and my mom had to come to school for a meeting because I was close to getting kicked out of the school. After that meeting, I didn’t get a demerit for two whole weeks. At the end of those two weeks, on Saturday, I had to go to this thing called the demerit declamation. What they do there is have you clean up the whole school. So I made through that school year safely thanks to my mom.

My 8th grade year was rocky, because I talked too much and got on most of my teachers’ nerves. I started my school year at the same school, OMI, because I actually wanted to go there again. But the same thing happened as the last year: my grades started to fall, and I had a lot of demerits. My mom couldn’t help me this time, because there was no declamation, now there was detention. I was being lazy and didn’t want to go to detention, because for every demerit you had, it would be 15 minutes of detention, and at the end of a week I would have like three to five demerits. So being lazy got me kicked out, and now I am at Claremont and my grades are still low but my attitude is way better. Now I have to go to summer school. I kept saying I would go after school to make up work for math class and I never went, again being lazy.

Next year I’ll be at Oakland High. I’m going to do all my work and go after school. I learned that being lazy will not get you anywhere.

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