Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bill the Destroyer!

by Corporal Afro

There once was a man named Bill
boy he loved to kill
He had bright blond hair
and a wicked yellow snare
and a sword which he called young Jim
One day the king proposed
that he'd kill the flamed-nose dragon
So he traveled and traveled all day and night.

Never at all he had a fear or a fright
Where he was going he did not drive
But in due time the dragon's cave he had arrived
But the dragon was nowhere to be found.

Bill took out a match
And once he got some light
He found a hatch
which made him fall and fall
to his death he fell
but as he did he grabbed a tail
which belonged to the dragon
As they fell to their doom
Bill wondered whom
Would know his story.

My (Non) Epic Story

by Line Rider

Our story starts
In one short part
With many flows
Alone he goes

He goes to kill the dragon, Shmeer
Who has robbed him of bread and beer
Who killed his wife down where it snows
This is a tale, alone he goes.

Alone he goes o'er plain and hill
To find, and win in one big kill
To find and eat his bread and beer
That clumsy, clucking dragon Shmeer.

Alas he died, he hit a rock
Because he always liked to talk
On his Metro PCS plan
He found and ate poisonous flan*

*Mexican dessert

The Great Gilgadumb

by Sleepy Karl

Many children, far and fat
Demand the same story to hear a lot.
With this great hero, a man so strong
He had no room for brain
He had nothing but brawn.

This is the story of the great Gilgadumb
Who worked all night and day.
He trampled any man or boy
Who got into his way.

One night as he was walking along
A man from the future came.
He held with him a gun that shot
Bright gold and purple rays.

But Gigadumb was stupid enough
To not be scared or frightened
He killed that future man where he stood
And here is where I stop writin'.

Blinky and the Fooblafoo

by The Hatter

Blinky was a smallish guy
A little scared, a little shy
Until he faced his fears and fought
The freakish Fooblafoo!

The Fooblafoo would terrorize
His people, and their pleading cries
Would make kind Blinky writhe from rage,
And loathe the vicious beast.

One day, the monster killed a man
As I recall, his name was Stan
That devil took him in her jaws
And chomped him quite in half!

Then Blinky's vision filled with red
He vowed to rip that beast to shreds
He stomped outside, prepared to fight
But then the monster smushed his head.

Now Blinky's not so smallish
Nor so scaredish, nor so shy
A little more depressingly-
He's now a deadish guy.

My Epic Poem

by WahhBAM

It was dark at night on a Saturday
My mother stood in front of the mirror to look at her reflection
She rubbed her face with her gentle hands
A look of dissatisfaction jumped on her face

"Tammy, would you care to take that filthy thing off my face?"
"There's nothing at all on your face!"
We both glance to the side towards the mirror.

"Oh silly mother! It is the dirty mirror!"

The Journey

by Milkman

Strolling proudly down the street
Impossible to defeat
From Claremont Middle School he came
Animals would sing his name

Heading home past shops and stores
People stopped, watched, and adored
Day and night, he would move
Leagues disappeared beneath his shoes

His feet grew heavy, but still went on
Trudging 'til the crack of dawn
No longer was he famed and awed
Fell to his knees and called to God

He longed to see the face of death
Suffering ended, laid to rest
It did not happen, he stayed alive
The walk home from school he survived

The Drummer

by Queen4aDay

He picks it up; in his hand,
The stick that looks at once so grand,
And melancholy, beaten and bruised
From all the times it has been used.

He hoists it aloft, like a blade of heroes elde,
Who went to war, armor shelled.
Its silhouette, in the sky;
A gleam of triumph, in his eye.

He starts to make a motion down
To strike the circle, below, ‘tis round.
His muscles strain, to give it force,
To make the sound his fans endorse.

The stick it swings, a wooden blur.
It makes a noise, like a whir, a purr.
The stick it strikes the drumhead scarred
From strikes like these from the same bard.

The sound that comes from the drum,
Halfway between a hollow thrum,
A gentle tap, a little rap,
And an exceedingly loud snare-driven slap.

The fans all cheer, for he has done it.
The amazing contest; he has won it.
To hit the drum at the right time,
It gives a musical pleasure quite sublime.

But suddenly, the mood is shed.
His stick through his eye, the drummer is dead.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mock Epics

Hello, ThalerScholars Readers! Our next round of poems will be mock epics. We read "Casey at the Bat" and loved the way it satirized the epic form. We hope you like reading our own epic tales!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring-break Poem

by AK

I wake up early to school-less freedom,
the trees shiver; April showers have begun.

I will relax till noon, then meet my friends at the mall,
then check my "to-do list" that hangs on the wall.

I feel as light as a feather,
as busy as a bee,
excitement runs through me,
there's so much to see!

Only 1 week to shine,
as bright as the sun,
to ride a slippery boat,
for endless spring fun.

To stay up all night without any fear,
full of excitement, joy, and forever cheer.

No time for hate or anger,
no time to be bummed,
the sky's the limit,
so jump, soar, and run!

This short week of fun, is a precious diamond;
to be soon buried, lost,
a sparkly finding.

I felt like a released prisoner,
wild and free, living up spring break;
as happy as can be.


by Ashley

Sitting on the couch doing nothing but
Watching TV.
Nothing I liked on
But the news.
Sleepy but don't want to sleep,
want to play but don't want to play,
want to get on the computer but don't want to get up and get it,
too lazy to do or get anything.

If I wasn't lazy I would be having fun,
I complain but don't want to do anything about it.

Maybe I should do something.

Bad Writing! ("Poem")

by Al

On Thursday morning I woke with a smile
at that time the weather was not good for running the mile.
After a pleasant cozy while in the shower
my black and broken heart told me something.
What was it!?
He said
"Go, go see the girl in white!"
I ran, ran with all of my being
fleeing from the shower!
When I got there
the house of the girl of white
my heart
pounded with joy, love, fear and redemption
it bled inside of me
I could feel the black blood dripping down.
As I walked in I soon discovered
I would obviously be staying there for a while
with a cursed kiss I kissed the world goodbye
and entered to the eternal ditch of darkness and
love and


by JG

I crash I disturb
I come uninvited I have more fun than anyone else,
I have more fun than you do
cause I crash parties
crashing parties is fun and its what I do

hit a flip
hit a back flip such strength from your legs
pushing you into a powerful spring of rotation.
The Rush of that flip the accomplishment of that movement
the electric feeling of landing in the pool,
water stinging your leg as you hit the water.

Missing Her

by Prettygurldeija

going to church
having a nice day
learning about Jesus
going a positive way
leaving out the church's double doors
getting caught makes me not be
able to see her anymore


by 6tabdanger

I never knew a lady that would lie to her child
She claims she loves them but
she parties and gets wild
I am a king and they all
love to bow
open the box... WOW!!
My lyrics consist of dead
flowers and an unburnt pile
of words that twined together to make
a towel

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just a test

by Sage

Hands sweating knees trembling
I'm scared.
I'm a mess.
I'm a nervous wreck I'm playing in my hair
So I look through the lines of words
and I say to myself "Wow, J, you're such a nerd."
And I'm feeling some kind of way down deep inside
because no one gave me any reason why
I'm telling you it's not okay
Man I wish this test was delayed.


by Dark Moderator 5

To live my life should be a crime
I feel miserable all the time.
I haven't been pushed over the edge yet
but sometimes I feel major neglect.
I have a little brother that pushes my buttons
When I complain to my mom she acts like he's done nothin
My family events fill me with rage
I am really mean for someone my age.

Lyric Poem

by The Hatter

At last, the kitchen is sparkling and clean!
All that scrubbing of walls and what's in between.
The dishes are dry and in their proper place
But none of them beam so much as my face!

Lyric Haiku

by Joey Bagadonuts

Grinning like a fool,
When I see my cousin, yay!
It's been way too long.


by Queen4aDay

They fling their fists,

Like they want to hurt us, cause fear.

Don’t they understand,

We’re all friends here.

We go outside,

To escape the reaches of the fists,

To gripe about it,

To wish they’d understand.

We just want to dance.


by Milkman

A rock
By other rocks

Spring Break

by Corporal Afro

It's Friday before break
And my friends are off too
It's like the icing on the cake
Don't know what to do
My stomach is churning
Finally no more learning
My eyeballs are burning,
This was probably the best
part of spring break, not the
break itself but the
Waiting which seemed like forever
No more math, English, science or Ms. Clever
Finally the day was almost over
I felt luckier than a four-leaf clover.
I felt mightier than a great king
Finally could spend some time on the lawn
and then bring...
I was gone.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My bike ride

by Yung Soup

We went on a bike ride.
It was cold,dark,windy
And there was 5 or6 of us
And we rode to Bay st
We rode as fast as
a nascar in a race

We raced
I was always in front
I was the winner
with a big gold trophy
a Jr whopper
I took the onions off
I don't like onions.

On the ride back
my feet pushed slower
on the pedals
until we got home

Lyric Poems

by Ms. Thaler

The Thaler Scholars have just started our poetry unit, and the first genre of poetry we studied is lyric poetry. We learned that lyric poems are usually short, don't tell a story, and express a single, strong emotion. We read "Valentine for Ernest Mann" by Naomi Shihab Nye, a lyric poem involving tacos and someone who gave his wife two skunks for Valentine's Day. Then, we wrote our own lyric poems about our spring breaks. We hope you enjoy reading them, and experiencing the emotions we felt last week!