Thursday, June 10, 2010


by DE

My grades at Claremont were up and down. In 6th grade, I had a 1.25, 1.75, and 2.25. They were probably very low in 6th grade because I was still getting used to having GPAs. I never got suspended in 6th grade, but I had a lot of referrals. I wasn’t really worried because I knew I had time to make up for it.

In 7th, that’s when my grades started to improve. I got 3.0s in the first semester of 7th grade. I was proud of myself for having good grades. My Mom and Dad gave me 50 dollars each for my good grades. Then I started to regress back to my old ways. I got a 1.75. I was disappointed, because I wondered how my good grades had gone away. I thought since I had good grades, I didn’t have to do anything. Then, since I had some Fs and then next I had better grades the next marking period, it averaged to a 2.33. I was cool with it because it was passing and it was better than my last grade.

In 8th grade, my grades were up and down. At the beginning of the year, I got a 1.92. I was disappointed because I expected better. When my dad saw my report card, I got in trouble. Then I got serious and got a 3.3. I was juiced. I got 50 dollars for my good grades from my Mom and Dad. I used that money to buy a phone. Then I got another set of bad grades. I started to think that the friends I hang out with influence my grades because when I hang with them, I have bad grades, but when I don’t, I have a 3.0. I thought one day, some days I will hang out with them, and some days I won’t. I can’t ditch them completely, because they’re my homies. Now we hang out every Friday. I won’t hang out with them on weekdays like I would usually do, so my grades aren’t affected.

Finally, it was the 6th marking period of 8th grade, and I had bad grades. It was my last chance to get my grades up. I went to every class to get make-up work. I got at least 20 pages of work to do. I was so mad that I could punch a hole in the wall. It was my fault because if I had done the work on time, I wouldn’t have to do it all at once. Then I started the work. Some of the work was hard. So I got help from kids with better GPAs than me. They helped me with everything.

Now, there are just a couple of weeks left. Graduation is almost here. Now, I have to work extra hard. I got a signature for my math and history teacher, to turn in late work. When I turn in my work, my grades will go up. I just have to do my English work now. I have a 6-page packet to turn in to my English teacher. Oh, I forgot about science. So I stay in an hour after school, and do all of my science work. So now, I did all of my work for science and now, I’m caught up with all of my grades. I’m proud of myself. I can graduate now. I will never forget this moment. In high school, I’m not ever letting my grades go down.


SP said...

i like how you notice the connection between your grades and other stuff you do, and how you realised that even if you had a good grade, you had to work to keep it up.

william yao said...

i really like the ending because you kept going and focusing.