Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Am From Poem

by Cakez4Daze

I am from home where I like
to have fun where I can watch T.V. and
hang out with fam and friends.

I am from school where I'm
known for being cool where the
sky is blue and the grass is too
I am from where I'm loved by all

Monday, September 29, 2008

Conversation Transcript

by Jimothy

J: Is it too late to play guitar?
Mom: No, you can play for 15 minutes.
J: OK. By the way, thanks for putting up the guitar hooks.
Mom: That was your Dad.
J: Oh, OK. Dad! Thanks for putting up the hooks.
Dad: You're welcome. Make sure you're careful with the top one.
J: Why?
Dad: It's not stable.
J: OK.

Conversation Transcript

by nonfiction

Mom: How was your day at school?
J: My day was good!
Mom: How do you think your pictures will come out?
J: I think they will come out nice.
Mom: Are you going to give pictures to your friends?
J: Yep!
Mom: Did your friends choose the same background as you did?
J: Yeah, some of them did.
Mom: Oh by the way we have a tour at [local private high school], do you still want to go there?
J: It all depends on how the tour goes.
Mom: It will go well!
J: I guess so..., but I kind of want to go to [local public high school].
Mom: Ok, good night. Love you!
J: Good night, love you too!

Conversation Transcript

by nascar11

A: L, what you doin'?
L: Nuthin', listenin' to my iPod?
A: Did you put my song on yo iPod?
L: Hahaha not yet, ima' do it-
A: Hahaha it betta' be on there by ma birthday or we gone fight hahahahaha...
L: I'ma do it tomorrow.
A: I might go to the movies the night of my birthday, I need to go to the movies.
L: Ok, jus let me know k hunni haha
A: Ok boo, but I'ma call you when I get home k?
L: Ok.

I Am From...

I am from my family
I am from the smell of bacon in the morning
I am from my dog barking in the afternoon
I am from eating lunch at 12:05
I am from attending 5th period English class
I am from street lights flashing.

I am from the smell of dinner
I am from utensils glistening in light
I am from the hum of my PS3
I am from the smell of my pillow
I am from the sound of snoring...

Conversation transcript

by littleboy5_0

M: Ms. Thaler, what's my semester grade?
Ms. Thaler: Hold on, let me find my grade book.
M: Okay.
Ms. Thaler: Hmm... I can't find my grade book.
M: Can't you see my grades on teacherease?
Ms. Thaler: Oh, that's right. Thanks for reminding me. Now let me turn on my computer.
M: Alright.
Ms. Thaler: your grade for the semester is an A, great job.
M: Thank you, I'm not missing any work, am I?
Ms. Thaler: Nope.
M: Good, thanks Ms. Thaler

[Note from Ms. Thaler: this conversation did not actually take place in real life.]

Conversation Transcript

by NeverFlyte

Ms. C's 6th period class

Student: What did you get for #3?
Ms. C: Please, no talking.
Student: What did you get for #3?
My "good" conscience: Don't do it. She can figure it out on her own.
My "bad" conscience: You'll only get a warning. It's not on your permanent record or anything.
My "good" conscience: You did what she said last time... please, just be quiet and finish your work.

Conversation Transcript

by bojangos

T: Hi, D.
D: Watz up T.
T: Nothing much.
D: What's today?
T: Monday.
D: Thank you.
T: I heard that you skipped school.
D: Me, no way.
T: Yeah way.
D: Are you sure they were talking about me?
T: Yeah, they specifically said your name.
D: Who said that?
T: This guy named J I think.
D: Are you sure?
T: Oh, hi J!
D: We were just talking about you.
J: Yeah, what were you guys talking about?
D: Oh, we were just talking about how you were spreading rumors about me skipping school.
J: Ahhh, I got to go.
D: Yeah you better run! Oh, I can't stand him.
T: Oh, I gots to bounce, peggity peace.
D: What?
T: Just leave.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thanks for all the comments!

We are so excited that people have been reading our blog! We would love to know who you are and what part of the country you're from, so leave a comment and let us know!

Thanks for reading our work!

- The Thaler Scholars

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This is my family

by Dre

I am from East O***** living in a medium sized home,
around my neighborhood is where I roam.
Little chihuahuas running down the street,
cool expensive cars slammin their beats.
I can hear the sirens and see kids playing in the street
and down the street are friends that I'll meet.

People selling food on the street and it makes you want more.
Where everyone hangs out at the corner store.
My family, we do and say funny things
but don't fight or steal, that's a sure thing.
I hug my family and love where I live-
love and respect is what we all give.

To where I am from school, people playing at the court
to hangin with your friends and warn them "LOOK OUT!!"

I Relax

by Jure

I am from home
where I relax
and eat bean pies

I am from soccer
where I am on a team
called R**** Sting

I am from my neighborhood
where I hang out with my friends
and play soccer and practice at Caldicot field

I am from my couch
big and comfy
where I relax and sleep

I am from my iPod
where I listen to good music
while I relax

I am from Taco Bell
where I eat chalupas
They are delicious.

I'm from clean air

by yungzero27

I'm from Clean air
playing soccer all day
and trees with ripe pear

I'm from "these dishes aren't gonna clean themselves"
After every Sunday dinner
and playing video games with magical elves

I'm from the rocky roads with pot holes
the wooden houses on top of hills
and wearing shoes with worn out soles

I'm from washing at the river
while taking a dive
even though the cold water makes me shiver

Journal Entry- My Day

One day I woke up ready to go to school but I didn't expect what was going to happen. I got ready for school and when I got there I saw my cousin A. I was so surprised. I asked him where was his little brother Y and when did he start to come here. That started off my day good.

Then I had history class, we got our progress reports and I was very impressed with my grade. I had gotten an A. I was extremely happy. Then I had PE and we played football today and my team won so you know I was juiced. So far my day was going great. Then I had Art, one of my electives. We did the same thing- draw. It was cool.

Then I got to English, my best class in my opinion. My cousin is in that class and I was happy that he was in at least one of my classes but then it turns out he is in 2 of my classes. He is in my 5th period class, algebra 1 math class. He wasn't in my 6th period but it didn't bother me that much, we didn't do that much that day we just listened so I was alright with that.

That day went perfect, my cousin goes to my school and I got a good grade in class and won a football game. My day went by smoothly.

Journal Entry

This weekend has been really tough on my family. My cousin A died Saturday. She was having heart failure. I didn't know what to do because I didn't know she was going to die, I thought she was going to pull through. My family is really hurting right now, especially my best cousin E because that was his mother and he was the only child. I really wish I could be there for him to tell him I love him and I'm here for him. I feel so sad for him because he kept crying and I can't do that much to make him feel better. I never seen this part of him before because nothing like this has ever happened to him.

My Life

by $up3r B@d

i am from home where it's sunny
and quiet where the birds are chirping
and the sun is shining

where when i go outside i see the firetruck big red and ready to blow
where the clouds are high and the planes
fly by and i hear the bart and train outside

I am from home where i can listen
to my music kick back and relax lay in
my bed and just lay back

i am from a townhouse big and white
where not all my neighbors are nice and my
brother and sister always fight their names
are mark and jelly and mark has a big belly and
my sister jelly likes peanut butter and grape jelly.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I am from...

by pearl09

I am from Sports Illustrated,
the 18 bus line,
and cheesy quesadillas.

I am from are you your brother's keeper?
screaming kids,
and the savory smell of bacon

I am from marijuana should be legal
Crispy Fried Chicken
and fresh washed clothes

I am from Sporting News
Basketball will get me outta here
where Neesh is so annoying

I am from music with so much bass
From scrappers on 4s wit slap in the grilles
And da home of da weak a** Raiders

I am from O******!

I Am From

I am from the dudes hanging around,
kids running up and down the street yelling
I am from Morn House Apartments
Cars flying up and down the intersection playing loud rap music
I am from Acorn (Da Jets), Gas Team, Baby gas team, and Junior Baby gas.
I am from kids yelling, grown women arguing, Acorn and Ghost Town Fonkin with each other.
I am from my auntie sitting on the couch talking on the phone, my little cousin A*** playing with his power rangers and transformers.
I am from A*** screaming, Auntie N***** laughing.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


by Llover

I am from my neighborhood
surrounded by friends peace, love
people yelling whispering giggling
the many restaurants and stores; Sahaira, Pasta Pomodoro
Tootsies and Itsy Bitsy along with Pendragon

I am from my house
I smell perfume, soap
lip gloss cologne and shampoo
I see People and Lucky magazines
rooms neat but messy
walls painted brightly, matching hues
vases of flowers reflecting off mirrors
fluffy pillows and couches

I am my ethnicity
thin, light brown skin, short dark hair
brown eyes, pretty smile, braces soon to be off
heritage, tradition
I love them

I am from my friends
beautiful tall, short
short, long hair
gossiping laughing screaming
funny, they make me laugh
sleepovers prank phone calls
parties, boys, dressing up, dressing down
singing till our throats are sore
acting dramatic, posing for pictures
my friends make me, ME

I am from

by long legs

I am from the fabulous woods,
legs shaking, hair waving,
looking at deers, ligers, and monkeys.

I am from pink and purple lights,
that sparkle,
wondering why?

I am from a yard of rainbow
flowers, smelling them, and looking at them.

I am from a extraordinary closet,
big, small, and tall
but what's inside?

I am from OMG,
O my gosh, looking lost, thinking how,
but saying good bye!

I am from bright colors,
and light colors, wondering
... Laughing out loud...

I Am From

by Emberlyn Azure

I am from the smell of tortillas and
laughing friends. I am from mint
chocolate chip and sticky vinegar
rice wrapped up in soft seaweed.
From giant sandwiches being
scarfed down in minutes.

I am from the hard scratched up
surface of frozen water. From
reciting my favorite books and
movies with close friends.

I am from writing letters to a
beautiful fairy in a tree, in the court
yard with a smooth stone table and a
snow white house. From futons and
Buddha's round pillows, fixing the
rabbit ears on a small fuzzy T.V. that
doesn't belong to me.

I am from "I'll give you a holler."
and "They haven't been initiated into
the family yet." I am from the
sparkling stars late at night and my
cousin taking me at midnight to get
Wattaburgers creamy chocolatey
frozen cow milk. I am from the
zigzag of a seam in October with me

I am from the crowded places across
the dark greenish blue water. I am
from O******. I am from the rapid
transportation of R***** down the
street. I am from the beautiful tree
with the bump on it. I am from my
home where I have lived for thirteen
years. I am from me.

Where I'm from

by blue star

I'm from warm water off the coast of San Diego

I'm from people with loud music at night

I'm from the sweet smell of roses in the garden

I'm from San Diego where the beaches are never empty

I'm from loud blue birds that land on the lemon tree in my back yard

I'm from the calm radio in the afternoon

I am from somewhere but where

by Monkeygirl

I am from a family
who teaches manners
who teaches respect

I am from a neighborhood
where I hear hip hop and rap
where I hear yelling
where I hear bells on the Ice cream trucks
where I hear televisions.

I am from a school
where I see new teachers
where I meet new students
where I learn to do the best I can

I am from a kitchen
where the dishes are done
where the trash is taken out
where the fried chicken and macaroni is made

I am from nachos
where it's not as gooey as soup
cheesier than a McChicken
from McDonalds

I am from a school
where all you hear is
whistling, tapping pencils, tapping shoes,
talking, and yelling

I am from the air
where you smell food
where you smell chopsticks

I am from my mom's
light brown eyes, short hair
where she dresses like a teenager
with her Hanna Montana shirt.

I Am From Goode And The Village

by Jimothy

I am from trees,
jamba juice,
and the 59 bus line.

I am from the white couch on the porch,
jazz records and amp buzz,
N***, A***, S***, and S*****.

I am from tattoos and nose piercings,
we're off like a herd of turtles,
and F****** and H***.

I am from 10 false alarms in one day,
the sixth grade yard,
and my friends.

I am From

by ~Dr3@m$~

I am from the music we listen to
the movies my mom, brother & I watch.
my cat meowing

I am from the cars racing down my street,
the pollution in the air,
the chirping birds,
and the pitter patter on the ground when it rains.

I am from my family.
the music I listen to.
The book Twilight.
That smell in the house that tells you someone cooked.
Most electronics.

I am from C**** Middle School.
basketball hoops on the yard.
Cafeteria food that my friends don't eat.
Geometry with Ms. N****.

I am from blondes to brunettes,
Short hair to long & back,
boys to girls,
brown eyes to green or blue,
"Don't talk to strangers" to "Make a lot of friends,"
My mom, my brother, & cat,
and "Finish your homework" to "I love you."

I am from my friends to cousin
my fashion to theirs
and the love between us.

I am from the yelling on the schoolyard.
to the fighting,
from the different instruments
to the different race of boys & girls,
the amount of time for passing period
to the many rules :(
and on to teaching & friends

I am from my neighbor, Kitty,
Twilight time to dawn
cats & dogs to the many types of plants
from UPS trucks that drop boxes off,
Quickstop gas station down the hill,
and noon to midnight.

I am from the universe,
milky way,
solar system, earth,
North America,
California, *****,
and my home,

I am from a family full of smiles and Jokes

by littleboy5_0

When I go to 7-eleven,
I am from the cars driving by and the busses stopping,
I am from the kids playing outside,
I am from the fresh air blowing by,

I am from where the school bell never stops ringing,
I am from the hallways packed with kids and teachers,
I am from where the teachers never stop talking,
I hear kids yelling,
I learn new things every day.

When I go home I see my T.V.,
I am from the computer sitting in my room,
I am from the small of my mom making flavorful spaghetti,
I am from me and my sister S***'s room.

Whenever I see my family I feel like I am
going to burst with happiness,
I am from the family full of smiles,
I am from where I learned never to talk to strangers,
I am from a family full of jokes.

I am from

I am from brown eyes,
dark brown hair and long
skinny legs.

I am from sayings like
school is important, don't
lie and have faith in God

I am from the loud voices
of my mom and brothers
televisions and music

I am from eating cheese
pizza, hot dogs and my
moms famous macaroni &

I am from busy streets
people walking their dogs and

I am from acting silly,
talking up a storm and
livin' life to the fullest


by Jack Cartier

I am from tempting kitchen smells,
from the big oak tree
in the front yard, from
a family adorned with eyeglasses,
from soccer.

I am from French, my first language,
English, my second,
and now I begin to leap Spanish,
my third hurdle.

I am from books;
books that make me smart,
books that make me laugh,
books that make me think,
books that make me wonder.

I am from animals;
dinosaurs, pterosaurs, plesiosaurs;
dogs, wolves, dingoes, jackals;
snakes, crocodiles, lizards;
ostriches, owls, hornbills;
fish, kangaroos, and everything else.

I am from Bulungamayines,
plate tectonics,
the cosmos, the Big Bang,
Newton, da Vinci, Einstein, Flannery, Horner, Gould;

I am from the gouges by the speed bump
(which people don't seem to notice- that explains the dents)
from the smell of barbecues, birch trees,
asphalt and the neighbor's dog;
from the succulent taste of cookies,
the metallic tang of my retainer,
the all-important taste of spaghetti,
and from the sounds of the highway
and the subway, the freeway and
the roadway;
dogs' barks and squirrels' chatter.

I am from S** and L***,
my brother C****,
from are you done reading yet?
from are we there yet?
can we go now?
can't I come?
what, do I have to?
I am from different people,
from the tree-sitters at Cal
to the captains at the Port
to the beggars in the street
to the friends at school
to the neighbor's drums banging till 10:00
and to all the different people that
make my city.

That's me.

I Am From

by mylife_247

I am from go for
your dream theres
no wrong answer. And
did you do your

I am from smelling
pizza, fish to mac 'n cheese
To the flowers that
smell like spring in
the winter.

I from the candy
shop where I like to be
so I can eat Peanut M&Ms.
I am from where I know where I
am from and you know where
you are from.

Dancing Heart

by Shadow

I am from the leaf blown streets
of energetic kids playing
the laughing sirens
of which trees inhale.

I am from the purr of cats,
the croak of fire
and the sight that the street lights hold.

I am from mysterious books;
Twilight, Elsewhere, and Bottled Up.
I feel dry waters soaking my feet
and wet winds, crying in my face
I am from the warmth of friends around

I am from crystal grounds
that sparkle of a new day's light
The dark nights without a shy of light
and the bright, milky sun in my window

I am from grass-stained jeans
that work as hard as I do
the slippery bodies of snakes
that race in the icy, warm waves

I am from the breezy coast
and the seagulls screaming above
but I know I am most from...
my heart that dances with me.

Where I'm From

by nascar11

I am from
firm, shaking hands,
good 'ole banana pudding,
and the laughter of
my lil cousins playing

I am from
the smells of coconut,
and tropical punch drinks,
sugary cornbread, and lots
of good, funny, repeated

I am from
the loud engine
roars coming from the
colorful scrapers (a car)
riding down the steets
and the loud hip-hop
music coming from the
unique scraper bikes.

I am from
a family filled with

I Am From

by noname

I am from my computer
Where I go on myspace &
listen to my ipod by Beyonce Upgrade-U (LOL)
I am from my school
Where I cuss
Where I learn
Where I talk mess when people get in my face
I am from my room
Where my brother's power ranger toys are everywhere
It is like a tornado came in
I am from everywhere
Where haters be hatin &
I be stayin fresh every day
I am from me
Where I'm a B*&#$ that's beautiful, individual, and
that creates haters.

Bright Midnight

by NeverFlyte

I am from dinner sizzling on the stove
my sister enhanced by the blaring TV
the meows, bings, and pops
of IMs jumping on to my computer screen

I am from a stray cat yoweling
the street lights playfully flickering
an occasional sired, roaring with anxiety

I am from the hunger books bring
when they're left unfinished
dragging me away
to a different world
where black font becomes color

I am from endless days of learning
the hustle in the hallways
the warm, flowing smell of Z****'s Pizza,
the quadratic formula overtaking my mind

I am from the snowless winters
where the smallest of breezes
are the closest we have to cold

I am from two different worlds

by exb11

I am from two different worlds.
When I say "different," I mean area
codes too. I go from 9**** to 9****
in a day. I go from yelling to
talking and from barking to birds
chirping. Most people think it cool,
but me, I think it's a drool. It's
hard to keep track of things, and
on top of that, I have basketball
practice two days a week.
I am from a family in which
my parents are always telling
me what to do. And my older
brother is always in my ear.
My dog is always barking and
needs a walk 24/7. I think
she is annoying, but she is my
mom's little angel.
I am from a place where
talking back will get you in-
trouble and fighting will get
you yelled at.
I am from a school where
kids yell and trash falls.
The cafeteria food isn't
satisfying and some of the
teachers get on my nerves.
We always have homework, and
there is always gossip going
around. Even though I have a lot
of problems in my life,
I am from... a good place.

I Am From the 5 p's

by Lucky

I am from hot as hell Oakland. I see
flowers that look like a rainbow on a
sunny day. There are as many names as
letters in the alphabet. There is always a
smell of barbeque as if they eat nonstop.

I see a fridge full of family pictures to
how many kids are at school. My dog's
barks are like lightning and thunder
hitting the earth. The smell of cooking
is that of food in a 5 star restaurant.

My family's eyes are as blue as the sky.
The saying that comes up the most is
the 5 p's. D****, D****, and J**** are
the names of the members of my family.
I've learned to treat people they way you
want to be treated.

The school smells as if the worlds trash
has been left there. You hear yelling as
if the people are deaf. I have learned that
hard work pays off in the end. I see teachers
trying to teach bad kids in a class.

I am From

by PrincessReema

I am from where they be hatin' and not appreciatin'.
Kids running in the streets doing things they know they shouldn't be doing.
I hear cars blasting music just doing that to show off their cars.
I am from where everyone is competing seeing whose stuff is better.
I'm from where you look at the end of the corner and see a liquor store.
I see everyone wearing name brand things just to be flashy.
I see everyone on their cell phones walking down the street.

Where im from


Where im from
its always cold
Only the young die
not the old
From ghosttown to gaskill
Man its cold down here
from 45 its cold by
at on 54 its froze
ASAP and F.T.
Ice city is
Where im from

I am from people cooking dinner and sunbeam corner store

I am from people cooking dinner,
from my mama telling me to clean
my room
I am from people running in the
I am from people cursing and yelling.

I am from sand brown hair, light
brown eyes, perfect nose, and a pretty
freckle face
I am from people telling me to watch
my surroundings
I am from V****, M*****

I am from the pretty blue sky turning
I am from people playing car music
I am from sunbeam corner store


by Too+Fresh=Fresher

I am from the noisy neighborhood
Everybody hanging out
Watching everyone talk
I am from r&b &hip-hop blasting
Go stupid
Go dum
And can u turn that music down
I am from the smell of marijuana like
Trees be like omg
I was like I thought they quit
I am from Manzanita rec center
Where I got to play
Hang out have fun
I am from a house where everyone watch TV
I am from old furniture sitting outside
I am from the noise from the computer
Moms yelling turn that down
I am from the smell of bacon
I smell flowers
I smell soap from the shower
I am from the family that stays on MySpace

I am From

by YungAce09

I am from Drug Dealers
and loud music, people with guns,
and eating family food

I am from coaches, teammates,
and athletes. I'm from Barbecue
and a little something called

I am from short, tall, big, small,
wise choices and bad I'm from
a big family Loving and arguing

I'm from teachers, doctors, athletes,
college graduates, laughing, crying,
loving, and fighting but all and all
I am from a world full of different

I am from kickflips and ollies

I am from kickflips and ollies
I am from traffic and trains
Dogs barking and cats meowing
I am from blue jeans and Vans
and from money and class
I am southern cooking and sweet potato
pie I am from hats and coats gloves
and new leather I am from Mom
and Dad

I Am Different

By Ary

I am from hot juicy chicken on the dinner table
I am from turkey and mashed potatoes
I am from Laughter and jokes
I am from "where the greens at" at the dinner table

I am from DC Clothes
I am from Vans on my feet
I am from Jordans
I am from Famous Stars and Straps Clothes
I am from H&M clothes almost every weekend

I am from basketball tournaments
I am from practice every Wednesday
I am from posters on my wall of basketball players

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm from Lil' Wayne and Above All Odds

by Asia-Amani101

I'm from Victoria Secret body wash and lotion,the smell of the Love Spell is just so sweet
I'm from fried chicken,hot sauce,greens,and corn bread
I'm from seeing my little brother play outside on the bike he's always riding up and down the street
I'm from babysitting my nieces and hanging with my sister
I'm from Lil' Wayne's a.k.a My Husband's music
I'm from sleeping in the day and going to parties at night
I'm from shopping at the mall all the time I love my
Anchor Blue and Above All Odds,the clothes are so flyy just like I.

Where I’m From

by baller

I am from hearing my mom’s loud voice yelling “wake up”

I am from eating delicious food in the morning to the night

I am from walking down the street seeing cool colorful cars with booming beats

I am from going to school to learn how to read and write better

I am from eating good smelling food at 12:01pm

I am from going home from school seeing my younger brother and sisters yelling Hi J***

I am from going to sleep at 9:30pm or a little later in my sports covered bed

That is where I am from