Thursday, June 10, 2010


by JM

It all started on August 31st on a chilly Monday morning: I started my first day of middle school. I really didn’t want to go, but you know I had to go. My first period class was English. The name of my teacher was Ms. Awolana, and she was really mean. I already knew a lot of people that went to the school. My favorite part of the day was lunch, because that’s when I got to play basketball. As you can tell, basketball is my favorite sport. After lunch I had science. My teacher was Ms. Taylor-White, and she was pretty cool. That’s what most of my sixth grade year was like. Then I tried out for the sixth grade basketball team. I made the team, and so did my patnas, Cris and David. That was probably the most exciting thing that happened in the sixth grade.

In the seventh grade, I met more friends and I got a little taller. My teachers were okay; they could’ve have been better, but you know teachers can’t be perfect. I played for the seventh grade basketball team. We were pretty good. My grades were the same as in sixth, and my mom told me that I wasn’t working up to my abilities. My grades were the same the whole year, which was a 2.0. My mom was right; my grades really could’ve been better. My favorite class was science because my teacher taught me a lot about the human functions. 7th grade was an okay year. The most exciting thing that year was that my baseball buddy Henry came to the school. That’s about it for seventh grade.

Eighth grade, which is this year, has been kind of good and kind of bad. My grades haven’t been that good this year. I played for the basketball team yet again, and we did well this year. I like all my teachers. I need to improve by not getting distracted by other people, paying more attention, and doing my homework. This year I had a lot of friends, some good, and some bad, but they were all cool. Now that I’m going to high school, I’m really excited. I’m going to Oakland Tech, and my teachers are preparing me for high school. I want to thank all my teachers: Ms.Thaler, Ms. Negash, Mr. Smith, and finally, Mr. Barish.


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