Thursday, June 10, 2010

Misunderstood Middle Schooler

by MGR

My 6th grade year wasn’t much different from now, besides the teachers. At that time I was going to KIPP in West Oakland. I was living in East Oakland on East 14th street and International. When I first started school, my first emotion was excitement: where are my friends? My 6th grade classes were all right, but overall they sucked. My best friends through that year were two guys named Mekhi and William. In that year the only embarrassing thing that happened was me getting rejected. Most of the time I was mad at the teachers. My favorite place to go was home. We had to wear a green polo shirt with khaki pants. In this year the most memorable thing was getting a phone and a girl.

Yo, I’m back! Still in this wack a#% school though, you know, KIPP? Have a flashback if you didn’t really pay attention the first time, but anyway, back to the point. In 7th grade my main problem was talking, so I pretty much always got in trouble for it. My friends hadn’t changed at all: still William and Mehki. To be honest those are only two people I trusted besides this other boy called Mesoli. My style didn’t change much besides the color of my shirt; I wore red in 7th grade. I think the biggest thing I celebrated in that year was getting a C in math class. The worst thing that happened to me was getting a referral.

Whoo! I made it- now I’m in the 8th. A lot has changed since the 6th grade. For instance, my amount of girlfriends. I’ve changed a lot since then as well. For example, I’ve gotten more mature. The worst part of the year was me getting a referral. I now get the privilege to walk to my classes now that I’m in 8th. During this year I mainly hung out with Julian Kremer. I hung out with him because he was trustworthy. There was all type of drama this year like fights, roasting, and gang problems. I’m usually the most happy when I’m at home. My nickname is Ghost, or Ghost of Trinidad. I gave myself that name. I haven’t had any major losses in middle school. In the past week I went to a BBQ at my grandmas. Last but not least I’ve learned math since the 6th. So that’s my story and I hope you enjoy it!

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