Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ride or Die

by AT

Damn, I've been through so much at this place called Claremont that I don't even know where to start. From good to bad, happy to sad, these last few years I attended this school have been so wonderful, yet so painful all at the same time. To put all the smiles and tears in only 500 words is going to be kind of difficult because I have so many memories from this school. Three years of drama, relationships, friends, fakes... all of the above! I can write every detail of the things that have happened to me at this school over time, but that would be way too much typing.

Anyway, I remember my first day of sixth grade. The reason I said my first day of sixth grade is because I came about two weeks late (I don't even know why). Haha, but as I was sayin', the first day of sixth grade was so excitin'. I wasn't used to going to different classes every period. It was an adventure for me, but I loved it. I saw a lot of new faces and a lot of old faces. I didn’t think it could get any better that day, but if fact, it did. That day I also met Victoria Edwards, who later would become one of my best friends ever.

Summer goes by, then it’s my seventh grade year. I was hella juiced to not be the youngest at school any more. Even though I wasn't the oldest at school, I was still satisfied with being the second oldest. The first day of seventh grade was hella fun. My best friend Angel was at Claremont this year, plus Victoria was there. We hung out a lot and became the bestest of friends. Haha. I called them my “ride or dies,” which to me meant that they were down for whatever, whenever.

We were kinda inseperable by the end of the year. We would meet each other during every passing period, hang out at lunch every day, and chill during the weekends together. We were true bff's. After seventh grade year passed, it was finally summer! Angel and I saw each other almost every day in the summer. Victoria kinda did her own thing in the summer, but we all stayed in contact. Next thing you know, it's eighth grade year!
At last, our time to shine. Man, eighth grade was finally here! I had been waiting for this year since sixth grade. The beginning of this year was so much fun. Finally bein' the highest grade was the best thing ever. But you how it is when you feel on top of the world, there's always the haters that try to bring you down. What I mean by that is all the fights we got in eighth grade year. I mean, we wasn't trippin' off none of that, but it really affected my grades with the suspensions and drama. People were fightin' us just 'cause they wanted to. But we was still handlin' our business. Me and Vikki stuck together at school even though now Angel wasn't at Claremont any more, she had to go to KIPP.

All that happened to us this year over nonsense, but it's good. Now I'm just tryin' to raise my grades up so I can walk the stage for promotion. I'd really remember Claremont after that. I'm going to miss all the good and bad times I've had at this school. I'm going to miss my friends and enemies, teachers and staff, everything. I might front every now and then and say I can't wait to leave, but deep inside I would actually re-live my whole Claremont Middle School Experience! ☺


william yao said...

i really like your tittle

C00KiE said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anecia !!! iLOve this one too !! iThouqht i was your bessfrend !! qrrr iStill thnk you fave cousinnnn xD :D

LOve & Rocketss - C00KiE

Anonymous said...

I agree. Where would anybody be without school and how your life changes because of it.