Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fresh Meat Sixth Grade

by LT

Ah, the first day of middle school. It was very confusing and embarrassing. It all started off when everybody was in the front of the school looking to see what list they were on. There were advanced and basic classes. I was in 6B ,which was basic, and I thought it was for all the dumb kids.

Once everybody (sixth through eighth graders) got their classes, they went to them. I got lost looking for my first period class, so that was confusing. When I finally got to class, we started on our warm up/do now. I didn’t have a pencil, and when I asked the teacher for a pencil, she yelled at me, which was embarrassing because everybody laughed at me. Then I noticed a girl in my class that I liked. Later on that week I asked her out. We went out for about a month, then I dumped her in Turkish class. After we broke up she held a grudge against me throughout the whole school year.

A week after we broke up, she told all my best friends some dumb lies that I was talking stuff about them, which was very pathetic. So I started to hate that girl a whole lot. Then, in every class, she would talk hecka mess for no reason, and make up dumb lies about me. I just used to not say anything, because it wasn’t worth it, and after a while my friends stopped being mad at me and started to stick up for me. That was very helpful, because I never knew what to say. Every day in P.E. she would always try to punk somebody, so I would just always punk her back.

Then, when I got a new girlfriend, she was hecka jealous, so she would always talk to my girl and tell her lies, like that I was gay and hecka dirty, and she was just a complete hater. So in Turkish class (see the connections?) she broke up with me! Because she thought I was gay! Damn, man, that’s some bull. She basically ruined my 6th grade year. I don’t know what I was thinking when I dated her!! She was the fakest and most two-faced person you can ever meet. She would be your friend one day, and then hate you the next.

Finally, the last day of school, and everybody was outside playing. She called me over toward her, and she was like, “Lawrence, my bad for f^*ing with you this whole year, but you’re still a lil’ b#$*&.” I guess you can say we made up.


Da'Vine said...

I thought it was really good. I am sorry that you didn't have a good sixth grade year.

BCK said...

Jag var mycket bra.

william yao said...

i had the same experience

alyshar said...

i bet you were scared for your life in the 6th grade