Thursday, June 10, 2010


by PW

Most of my middle school memories aren’t so exciting, but this one is the best! It all started when I was looking in the back of a magazine. An ad caught my eye. It said, “Barbizon modeling and acting.” I went on their website to check them out and find out where they were located. Barbizon is in San Francisco on Sutter St. I sent them my information to get an appointment, and I did!!! When my mom and I got there it was awesome! Oh my Gosh. The first thing I had to do was sign a paper while my mom watched the “welcome” video. After my audition, tour, and materials it was time for the hard part -- the price. It was around $2500…quite a lot. But my experience was worth it.

The first day came and my stomach was tighter than my mom’s wallet. I went through orientation and was told what was expected, what to wear, and how to act. I was so mad that I had to dress like I was going on a job interview. I thought of Barbizon as if it was my job. I always wanted to become an actress because I enjoy it and it’s the easiest thing to me. Before I joined Barbizon I was so shy in front of people I didn’t know. But if I did know you, I’d be crazy. A lot of famous people graduated from different types of Barbizon schools. One of them, Lindsey Fonseca of Desperate Housewives, had graduated from the San Francisco school, and Nicole Anderson from the Disney Channel show JONAS had graduated from Atlanta Barbizon.

The teachers there were so awesome, just like Ms. Thaler. My favorite teachers were Nigel and Sebastian. They were so funny and unique. Sebastian lived in Oakland and went to Claremont! We learned so many different things such as: improv, personalization, conquering stage fright, callback success skills, and script analysis.

I remember when I had my first audition through Barbizon. It was to try and get an agent. It was very fun because I got to talk with my friends that I met on my first day. I felt kind of weird because I was the only black girl in there. Even though I didn’t get picked, I still felt like a winner! Barbizon has taught me a lot since my first day. I’ve learned how to kill my shyness and nervousness. I learned so many new words like: cold read, pantomiming, and go-sees.

When I was there we did so many awesome games like: mirror exercise and sensory work. The monologues were so funny that people in the audience had tears coming in their eyes. As well as my dramatic one from the movie Romeo Must Die. I learned about the Art of Comedy, how to answer hard interview questions, what to do after you get the job, and skills for acting. Going to Barbizon was the best choice of my life!

P.S. Check it out!!!!


Anonymous said...

It was a good story - Alex K

Anonymous said...

tite mama barmazon is a good title and i liked yo story mama. i can connect to that adventure. bye mama