Monday, January 25, 2010

Tiring, exciting, and lazy

By Da'Vine

My winter break was tiring, exciting, and lazy. It was tiring because I wanted to make tons of scarves. It was exciting because I got to hold my new baby cousin Lucy. It was lazy because after Christmas I barely left the house. My break went well and I did many things.

During the break I made many scarves for my Christmas presents. After many scarves were done my hands started to hurt. In addition to using my yarn I got to get new yarn. Even though I had tons of time to make all the scarves I had to finish one on Christmas morning. When I gave them out I felt really good.

My most exciting thing about my winter break was when I got to see my new baby cousin Lucy. On Christmas Eve I was the designated holder of Lucy. Everyone wanted to hold her. They were always coming over to her just to play with her. By the end of the night everyone became very fond of her. It made my Christmas when I got to know her.

By the day after Christmas my family and I became very lazy. All we did most of the time was stay in the house. While sitting around I had time to play Mario galaxy on my families Wii. I got really far on it. The only time I was to go out of my house was to go shopping, to Avatar, and Sherlock Holmes. Also to the Flea market, which is really, close to my house. Then my break was over like that.

Over my winter break it was tiring, exciting, and lazy. I got really tired from making so many scarves. Getting to bond with Lucy was very exciting for me. Being lazy and laid back was another big highlight of my break. Every winter break I am always looking forward to it. My whole family comes together and we get a lot out of it.

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