Monday, January 25, 2010

Boring and repetitive, yet rockin

by Corporal Afro

My winter break was boring and repetitive, yet rockin.It was boring because I stayed home most of the time.It was repetitive because I did the same thing everyday.It was Rockin because I played video day and night.Now I know you wanna hear about it,so let's get started.

My winter break was boring because I stayed home most of the time,when I stayed home all I did was play video game all day,everyday I are the same thing everyday too,Cup Noddle.Playing Video games all day by myself made me lonely.Not only was my winter break boring,but it was also repetitive.

It was repetitive because I did the same thing everyday.I'd start by waking up 7 o'clock,give or take a couple minutes.Then I played video games ALL day,either just rockin out alone or playing online.Then I went to bed at 11,slept 8 hours and repeated the gay all over again.However,although my break was boring and repetitive it was also Rockin!

My break was rockin because I played Rock Band day and night.I would usually play online.I would always play bass because i was really good at it,I would ALWAYS play on Expert.You could even say i slappadabeassmawn.I played Rock Band for most of my break, probably 75% and probably 10% sleeping(15% eating).

My winter break had a lot to it, boredom, repetitiveness and Rockitude. Most of my break I spent my time at my house.When i stayed at the house the majority of the time,I played Rock Band all day and all night.Hopefully you were up and active outside your house more than I was because if you weren't that's just sad.

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