Monday, January 25, 2010

Calming, exhilarating and fun

by Sleepy Karl

My winter break was calming, exhilarating and fun. Before Christmas, none of my friends were in Oakland, so I just hung around the house with my sister Mavis. On Christmas I got to open all of my great presents and my relatives came over. After Christmas, my friend Dylan visited from Maryland and I got to go to a high quality hotel in San Francisco.

Before Christmas, I had about an entire week of down time. I spent my time hanging out with my sister, watching movies, and eating homemade cookies. I also spend time cruising around on my longboard. I rode around and around in the D.M.V. parking lot until they shut off the streetlights.

On Christmas Eve my break became very exciting. We got to open one present each early. I ended up getting the exact videogame that I wanted. On Christmas morning, I got almost every present I wanted. I got new longboard wheels, PF Flyers Glide shoes and the yoyo factory protostar yoyo. I got even more presents when my relatives came. We had a wonderful day with an awesome dinner.

After Christmas all of my friends started to come back from their trips to L.A., and Lake Tahoe. But not only did my close friends come back, but my friend Dylan who moved to Maryland came to visit for a week. We walked around all day, cracking jokes, and playing Airsoft. Although I had less time to hang out with Dylan, I was very happy to hear that my mom planned a surprise trip to Hotel Nikko in San Francisco. There was a T.V. in the mirror of the bathroom. There was even surround sound in the bathroom.

My winter vacation was calming, exhilarating, and fun. I got presents on Christmas, hung out with my sister. Now that I have told you about my break, get busy and write your essay.

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