Monday, January 25, 2010

Fun, productive and warming

by Line Rider

My winter break was fun, productive and warming. It was fun because I went to L.A. It was productive because I did math and wrote a short story. It was warming because I visited family and friends down in L.A. This was an enormously good break and you are about to find out why.

L.A. was fun because there were a lot of cafes and shops. Oh, and good restaurants. The smells from the kitchen in one of the cafes was so strong, I could taste it. The streets were like a part of a maze. I got lost (give or take) three times. The sights were a beauty, though. Especially this crackhead on 5th and Down Street. Ha-ha.

The writing was productive because I wrote a long story. It was about an Arabian bazaar, but I cannot tell you more about it. The thoughts swam through my head like fishes. The pencil was my fishing rod and my page was the vast ocean………. Best sentence EVAR!

Last, but not least, my break was warming because I got to see my family. All three billion of them, plus my six million cousins. They gave me presents, food, and parties. And a headache… which sucked. But, everything else was good especially the food, mostly because my dad wasn’t cooking it. HAHA.

So, I hope that gives you an idea of what my cool, spiffy, [REDACTED] (Just Kidding) break was like. The writing was a little complicated and L.A. was easy to get lost in, but my family totally kicks butt. So that’s my break and you should do what I did ………….. get lost 400 miles away from home.

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