Monday, January 25, 2010

Loud, delicious, and sleepy

By Ashley

My winter break was loud, delicious and sleepy. For it being so loud, delicious, sleepy break it was good. There where other things that could describe my break but those are some of the best words that describe it.

My break was loud because we do things that involve loud stuff and some that don’t. Like cleaning. When my family and I clean the house we turn the music up loud. Another way it was loud was that I went to a raiders game. The fans at the game were screaming and shouting. They did it because they didn’t like a play or what some one did.

It was delicious because of the food I ate. On Christmas we had macaroni & cheese, mash potatoes, turkey, greens, rolls, corn bread and to drink apple cider, soda and water. It was so delicious I was happy and full. Then we had to eat that when ever we got hungry because we had leftovers but I didn’t mind.

My break was also sleepy and that’s because I would stay up until I was barely awake then either would fall asleep on the couch or I would have enough energy to get up and walk to my bed. If I didn’t go to my bed I would not have a pillow or blanket to sleep with. I stayed up watching television. I watched television so I would not get board doing nothing.

So that’s how my break went and it was good while it lasted. That’s my story of my break. Now that you’ve heard my story what is yours.


ezra said...

nice story

Anonymous said...

cool story