Monday, January 25, 2010

Fun and exciting


My winter break was fun and exciting. First I had a good time with my family on Christmas day. I got clothes ,shoes and a xbox 360 and money for chistmas. And the other days I played my xbox 360 and my favorite game madden 10 I played it for three days straight.

Then I played my brother in madden 10 and I beat him 2 times in a row he can never beat me . And thats what I did for my first week.

My second week I did nothing but spend my week at my cusins house and played more video games with my cusins and stayed over their for half a week and then I went back home and played basketball with my friends and for my last 2 days of my winter break was kinda of fun but I still had a good time with my cusins.

But some of my winter break it got kind of boring to me because I did not do that much for my winter break usually I do more for my winter break like skating and going to the movies.

But thats how I spend my winter break. This winter break was worst winter break I ever had but I had fun.

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