Monday, January 25, 2010

Soothing, needed, and tiring

by CC

My winter break was soothing, needed, and tiring. First of all, it was soothing because I slept in most of the time. Also, it was needed because it’s always good to have a break from school. Last but not least, it was also very tiring because of the parties I went to. But, I haven’t told the whole story yet.

I slept like a baby throughout the whole break. The first thing I did when I got home Friday, I went straight to my bed. I laid there for about an hour relaxing, and then I took a really long nap. I slept peacefully for about the first week, it was great. It was as if I really deserved that break.

My head was pounding the week before the break, but then came break to the rescue to alleviate my headaches. That break was probably the most needed break of all time. The week before break, I stayed up all night working on a project for Ms. Thaler’s class. I had stayed up to make the finishing touches on the project. I didn’t really sleep much after that, but when I went to sleep it felt as if I only went to sleep for about thirty minutes. As soon as break came around, I slept all I wanted. Well at least for the most part. But that ended around the second week of break.

Around the second week of break, I became restless again. The second week was so tiring; the parties I went to were basically all nighters. I danced the whole time, and that made me even more tired. And for once in my life I felt super exhausted.

Well my break had all the elements of an okay break. I hope yours was a better break, or not. What do I care? Or I hope you had a worse break, to make me feel better.

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