Monday, January 25, 2010

Fun, scary, and exciting

by EB

My winter break was fun, scary and exciting. I felt the excitement in the air, the love and the thrill, just there to make my break better. I was not happy for all of my trip, but I was sustainable.

My winter break was fun because I went to Disneyland. I had only been there once and my favorite ride then was Indiana Jones. The hotel room (Paradise Pier) was so cool. It had a safe in every room, two TVs and a three fridges. But to our surprise, even though we could see the theme park just outside our window, it took fifteen minutes to walk there.

But it was scary because I went paint balling. I had to play against the hornets. The pros. I got many welts, but I gave more than I got. I was added in as a pro, then given a plaque to show I was an honorable honey hornet (they call the girls that).

When I got home, I drank some tea, I think they call it twig tea, but it tasted like peppermint and bubble gum. At around twelve I got so tired that I had to go to sleep before I passed out on the couch.

I was excited on solstice, because I got to go on many hikes to find mushrooms and berries, I even found a few fairie rings (cut down tree stumps with green twigs growing around it.)

When I got home, being the only Wiccan in my family, we didn’t have a huge dinner or a party, but I got new backpacking gear and a few cool toys. Being a Wiccan is hard because people think you are a witch, but we are not here to bring the devil back, we are here to show and see the true beauty of mother earth.

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