Monday, January 25, 2010

Relieving , exciting , and fun

by Superchick

On my winter break it was relieving , exciting , and fun . On my winter break I learned & saw a lot of new things . My winter break made me think about changes . Let me tell you what happened ...

On the day I got out of school , I went to a dance at my friends school . It was so fun . My friends & I all started dancing . The Dj was playing some lame songs so people stopped dancing when he was being lame . When i got back home , I was so tired . I went straight to sleep .

On saturday , the day after the dance , my grandpa picked me up from my house to spend Christmas with him in Sacramento . We spent the whole day dropping off presents & visiting family members in Oakland . We finally got to Sacramento at like 12:00 . I went straight to my room to put my stuff away . I was so beat I had to rest a bit on my bed .

next day my cousin Ashley & I went shopping . The mall was so big & crowded . I almost couldn't find anything because , it was so big & there was too many different stores . We finally came out the mall & it was raining . We ran to her car . When i was finally at my gramps place , I was so tired .

Grandpa was taking me to Lake Tahoe & i was excited because i hadn't seen snow in forever .We set out early . Oh gosh , as my grandpa pulled up to an empty place with lots of snow , i was too excited to wait & see what he had to say & i ended up running into a restricted area & almost slipping on the snow . Smooth Zion . I had fun though . Christmas Day ! Christmas so fun , i wore a dress & I usually don't wear stuff like that , but It was a special event . Everyone was cooking & happy . The Christmas spirit was definitely there .

The next day grandpa took me back home . My break was so fun that i didn't want to come back . : }

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