Monday, January 25, 2010

Fun, awesome, and boring

By Pink-Kisses09

My winter break was fun, awesome, and boring . It was fun because first I went bowling with Alondra and Marri . It was awesome because after I went bowling with them I talked on the phone for hours. I was back and forth on the phone with Kimmie and Taco. And it was boring because I was stuck babysitting on a Saturday.

Okay so first my break was so boring because I had to stay in house for four days to babysit. then I had to fix them something everytime they were hungry! I had to wake up so early before them. I could barely have any sleep. And I feel asleep on them a few times. And my room was a mess when they left.

Next my break was fun. Because i went bowling with Alondra and Marri. on that day I found out that I was a bad bowler. When it was my turn all I did was throwing the ball because the scores mad me mad. But I did have fun out of everything. I had a big burger with a size of alot of fries! ahaha that tasted so good!!!

Lastly,, my break was awesome!!!! After all of the boring babysiting and the fun bowling I talked on the phone for hours! I loved being on the phone with my friends. I haven't been socializing with my friends like i used to. I was on the phone with Taco for 30 mins. Then i was on the phone with Kimmie for about four hours.

My winter break was boring,, Awesome,, and Fun! It was boring because I had to stay in the house for the longest. It was awesome because I barely texed on my phone mostly calling. And it was Fun because i hung out with my friends until it got dark. Well there goes my break in words. I hope my winter break wasn't to boring for you.

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