Monday, January 25, 2010

Busy, delicious, and fun

by Queen4aDay

My winter break was very busy, but also delicious and fun. It was busy because I was constantly doing things like traveling and skiing. It was delicious because I had lots of good food. It was fun because I went SKIING! I bet you want to know more about my winter break already!

Traveling and skiing made me very busy. I had to leave for New Mexico the day after break ended, and soon had to leave to travel again to Snowmass, Colorado. In Snowmass, I had to get up really early to go skiing, and go to sleep just as early so I could get enough sleep. What I didn’t have was time to just rest. However, there were good parts of my vacation too.

One of the good parts of my vacation was the delicious food. In New Mexico, I had burritos smothered in green chili, which is just like heaven, but spicier. I also had Kielbasa (kill-bah-see) (I have no idea why it’s spelled like that), which is an amazing Slovakian sausage. In Snowmass, there was a restaurant on the mountain called Up 4 Pizza that has the most amazing chocolate-chip cookies on earth, although they are quite fall-aparty. But that wasn’t the best thing about my vacation.

The best thing about my vacation was that I went skiing. For the first time, I was able to ski Extreme Terrain, which is really fun. Also, I had an awesome ski school class, and made lots of friends. The best part was, I got to completely tire out my dad, who, for some reason, doesn’t find skiing near-endless 80-degree slopes all day to be fun.

As you can see, although my winter break was busy, it was very delicious and fun. Although I had almost no downtime, I got great food and got to go SKIING! I think that everyone should eat good New Mexican/Slovakian/Chocolate-Chip Cookie food and go skiing for their winter break, except not really, since then there’d be no food or space on the mountain for me.

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