Monday, January 25, 2010

Fun, relaxing, and exciting

By Savieoso

My winter break was fun, relaxing, and exciting. Let me tell you why it was fun. My break was fun because I chilled with my family and texted my friends on the phone and on MySpace. We talked about anything that came to mind. Me and my girlfriend hung out on some of the weekends an chilled together. alot of interesting stuff happened on the weekends. It was also fun because I had got two new video games for my ps3.

My break was exciting because I was eager to see what I got for Christmas and I got new clothes games and shoes. I also got some money in a Christmas card an it had 3 kfc 1$ certificates and a baskin robbin certificate which was for 2 dollars worth of ice cream. I kind of stayed in the house during the break because I was hooked on to my video game. Its sooooo addicting I was glued to it.

My break was relaxing because I stayed up all night and slept in all day. I ate a lot of great food an hung with my friends and with my girlfriend. I was warm in my house because we kept the heater on an I stayed in a blanket. On Christmas day we all went out to concord to my step dads cousins house. We talked all night an ate great food. I took a lot of pictures in the bathroom of me and my shoes. My shoes were glowing because of the light reflect off my shoes. And I sent those pictures to my friends.

The last week of break went by very fast for some reason. I didn’t think about school that much so I jus tried to keep my mind off of it most of the time so I just played my ps3 and texted. When the weekend before school started I was kinda sad because I wasn’t ready to go back and deal with all that home and class work. I was just used to having fun for the past two weeks. So my friend kai came over that weekend and we stayed up playing with our tech decks and I was texting my girl. We stayed up all night talking about paranormal activity (the movie). An I was getting the chills talking about it because it was scary kind of.

The Friday school was out me and Tyrone, Ali, Romello, Brandon, and my girlfriend went to downtown Oakland. And there was this dude on the bus bothering us because we was hitting this thing where we hold on to. And he was getting mad at every little thing we did like we was just talking an having fun and he just kept saying things to us. So when we got off the bus we all flipped him off an he got off the bus and out of all the people he goes to little Tyrone and pushed him into the wall and choked him a little bit. Then he start cussing at him an then Tyrone called the police on him an dude hopped back on to the bus an the police came an we gave him a description of what he looked like an what he did. Then after that was done we all went skateboarding and I just stayed with my girlfriend.

Well that’s what happened over my whole break and I hope you liked it. And I’m out!!

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