Monday, January 25, 2010

Cold, painful, and musical


My winter break was, cold, painful, and musical. It was cold because the room was freezing. It was painful when I walked to Jack N a Box and my legs cramped up and it was musical because I got to listen to a lot of music.

This winter has been extremely cold. I had to use two blankets because there was no heater. I wore very thin clothes everyday because I was too lazy to put on anything warm. It wasn’t very warm in my house.

It was painful because on Saturday night I went for a walk to go to Jack N a Box and I had to walk five blocks to get there. When I got there I had to wait in a fifteen-minute line for my order. Then, I got my food and walked all the way home and boy was I tired.

My winter break was musical because I listened to a lot of music. I had my radio on all the time. I listened to my mom’s Ipod shuffle also, I went on “youtube”. I put songs on my mom’s Ipod shuffle from itunes and lime wire, it took a while to do because of the Internet connection. It didn’t have any service at times. Lastly, I played songs on my violin like: Hunter’s Chorus”, “Patapan”, “Dance of the Reed Flutes”, and “Celtic Dance”.

So, here is how my winter break was cold, painful, and musical. All of it was pretty enjoyable and even though some of my break was kind of plain, I am thankful to have what I had and I hope you had a great one too!

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Quinton said...

Your story was touching.