Monday, January 25, 2010

Exciting, relieving, and festive

by Milkman

My winter break was exciting, relieving, and festive. Many things happened, I got a break from school, and I saw many people. It was great.

My winter break was very exciting. It was eventful, so I was never bored. For example, I visited my family in Southern California. We didn’t stay for very long, but everyone still had a lot of fun. I also went shopping for music, shoes, and more using money I got for Christmas. Then my family stayed up through New Years and celebrated the new year. Throughout my break, there was always something for me to do.

Winter break was relieving as well. Unlike during school year, I was able to sleep in. I really needed to catch up on my sleep, and I took full advantage of the opportunity. I also was able to hang with my friends without the gloom of school and homework hanging over our heads. It was much more fun to hang out with no worries. I also was able to do things with my family, like play sports and watch TV. Christmas gave me a long overdue break from school.

Lastly, with all the people and decorations, my break was very festive. My family had an after Christmas party, and lots of people came. Overall, people were in a generally good mood, which contributed to the festivity. We also celebrated a lot with presents and great food.

My winter break was full of events, no school, and festivities. It was exciting and relieving too. I hope next year’s winter break is just as good.

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