Monday, January 25, 2010

Fun, relaxing, and competitive


My Winter Break was fun and competitive and relaxing. It was so fun because I went bowling and then to Bay St with friends for my b-day. It was competitive because I played the Wii a lot with my brothers. It was relaxing because I slept, I didn’t have to do anything and no school.

On me b-day I did so much. First I went bowling at Albany Bowl; I was the first one there. My friends that came were Patricia and Alongra. They took so long to get there. They got stuck in traffic, and then they had to go to the gas station. I was waiting there for almost an hour. So when they finally got there we played two games, I kept coming 2nd place. After when finished playing and eating. We were like we should go to Bay St to go hang out. I said ok because it was still early. We took the bus there and just were walking around looking in stores.

My Winter Break was mostly relaxing because I didn’t do much. I just stay home and call or text people. Watch TV or play with my little brother. Sometimes I would go to the store. On Christmas we had a Christmas dinner. One of our family tradition at my house we would watch the movie, A Christmas Story on tbs. They would play it for 24 hours. Starting on Christmas eve and all on Christmas day.

It was competitive because for Christmas I got it these to video games called Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Just Dance. I played that Super Smash Bros. Brawl a lot with ma brothers. The first times I played it, I sucked at it, and my brothers were always beating me. Now that I got so good at it I’m beating them.

Well my break was good I didn’t have an excited break, but it was fun for me. So hope u have a competitive and relaxing break!

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