Monday, January 25, 2010

Fun, exciting, and very interesting

by Holmie

My winter break was fun, exciting, and very interesting. It was fun because I had a cookie baking party. A reason why it was exciting was because I went to boot camp. I also thought it was very interesting because many other things happened along the way. The break was long, but not long enough.

It was fun because I had a cookie baking party. There were about ten people there including a teacher and about four other parents. We baked hundreds of cookies of all different types. We had ginger bread, chocolate, sugar and chocolate chip. After baking, we decorated them all. While that was all fun, I did even better things.

My break was very interesting because many different things happened. The first couple of days, I help my grandad set up an electric train set. I learned some new things cause he's a scientist and he likes to talk. Christmas was fun because I got many things I wanted such as a new, home-made loft bed. Although this was all fun and interesting, the best had yet to come.

The best part of my break was boot camp, or recruit training. It was a nine day evolution so it was jam packed with information and PT. We (the recruits) were woken up rudely at 0500 (5:00 a.m.) every morning by banging dust pans and Dis yelling, “ On the line now! Move it! Get outta those racks!” I didn't know what to expect going in so I was very nervous. That was by far the best part of break.

The highlights of my break were baking party, train building and recruit training. All were fun, interesting, and exciting in their own way. All in all, I had a great winter break but wish it could have been longer.

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