Monday, January 25, 2010

Fun, relaxing, and weird

by WahhBAM

My winter break was fun, relaxing and weird. It was fun because I hung out with my best friend, Sarah. It was relaxing because I spent time with my family. It was weird because I woke up with green hair. Wait, until you hear about the details.

On the day when break officially started, my mom drove me to my best friend, Sarah's, house in Vallejo, so I could hang out with her for four fun days! Sarah had a pool party for her birthday, and it was off the hook! Lots of our friends came, and we swam in her enormous backyard swimming pool. I did a lot of cannonballs and back flips in the water! Besides her party, we also went Christmas shopping together. We tried on lots of outfits even though we knew we weren't going to buy anything for ourselves. The remaining two days with her, we made awesome 30 minutes action video clips. We burned them onto DVDs and wrapped them as gifts for some of our friends and relatives. It was a blast staying in Vallejo with Sarah!

Another thing I did over break was spending time with my family, and it was very relaxing. My dad, mom and I hung out at home and watched lots of old black and white movies. Charlie Chaplin's movies were the best because they had us laughed so hard! On Christmas, my grandma had a big warm family dinner. I loved the food, and it was great how all my relatives came together to have fun. The day after Christmas my long distant cousins came to the U.S. from Australia, and we went bowling! It was really fun. Having fun with my family was very relaxing.

Last, but not least, the strangest and most memorable thing that ever happened to me over break was waking up with green hair! I remember clearly that the night I went to sleep before this happened, I was tucked comfortably under my warm blanket. Instead, the next morning, I woke up lying on the floor! I was really weirded out and extremely exhausted as usual when I get wake up. I went into the bathroom and in the mirrowr was a green-headed girl! I screamed and ran into my room. Then, I saw a dog sleeping on my bed with my blanket and pillow! I was freaked out, and I thought that my life had somehow turned to be like Lindsay Lohan's life in Freaky Friday. Five minutes later, my cousins jumped out to laugh at me, and said it was all a prank. I took a shower, and (thank goodness) I was able to wash all the green stuff out of my hair. Though it was just a prank, the feeling of waking up to find yourself radically changed is just plainly freaky and weird.

I really loved this year's winter break because it was very fun, relaxing and weird all at the same time. I was able to experience many thrilling feelings and had great joy during the holiday break.

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